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The Duck Island DIY Skatepark was a skatepark in Seattle, USA.

Also known as: Seattle Skatepark / Seattle DIY Skatepark

Skaters Built Skatepark In Bird Habitat
Skateboarders built an unauthorized park on Duck Island in Green Lake as part as a do-it-yourself challenge, and criminal charges have been filed because it caused massive damage to a bird habitat.


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The build was one of the winners of the Nike SB Project 58 DIY contest.

Nike SB Project 58 Results

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King 5 - Police investigating skateboard spot on Duck Island
King 5 -
Kiro7 - Unauthorized skate park built on Green Lake island; police report taken
Seattle Times - Illicit skatepark on Green Lakes Duck Island: Cops called on bowl built in bird habitat

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Illegal Duck Island Skatepark Lawsuit [3/11/2017]
A Seattle skate shop and 20 John and Jane Does who allegedly damaged Green Lakes Duck Island by covertly building a skate park there are the target of a civil suit filed today by the City Attorneys Office.

Duck Island DIY Skatepark To Be Removed [12/8/2017]
Seattle Parks is set to remove an illicit skate bowl from the middle of Green Lake next week.

Skate DIY Calls BS On Nike SB DIY [27/7/2017]
Skate DIY questions Nike SB and Transworlds decision to expel one of the winners of their DIY contest, after the law got involved.


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2017: Duck Island DIY Skatepark: Show Picture
The skatepark built at Duck Island. Photo by Seattle City Attorneys Office.

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