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Hell Skatepark is a skatepark in Stjrdal, Norway.

Also known as: New Stjrdal Skatepark / Hell Skatepark

An Ordinary Day At Stjrdal Skatepark
Jonas Ulseth made an edit from an ordinary day at the concrete skatepark in Stjrdal.


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NORB NM 2018 [5/2/2018]
This years Norwegian skateboard championships are being held in Stjrdal, 16-19 August, 2018.

Wants Roof Over Stjrdal Skatepark [30/12/2017]
Stjrdal Skateboardforening are looking into getting a roof over the skatepark.

Stjrdal Byfest 2017 Skate Contest [22/9/2017]
A skate contest is being held in Stjrdal on Saturday 23rd September, 2017.


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2016: Stjrdal Skatepark
Rdde x Stjrdal from Karl-Fredrik Brenna
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2016: Stjrdal Skatepark
Competition on Stjrdal Skatepark by Theodor Berg
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2016: Sjrdal Skatepark
pning av Stjrdal Skatepark from Theodor Haugen
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2017: Stjrdal Skatepark: Show Picture
Skaters at the skatepark. Photo by SSB.

2017: Stjrdal Skatepark: Show Picture
Sign with rules and information at Stjrdal Skatepark.

2016: Stjrdal Skatepark: Show Picture
Photo by SSF.

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Who Gets NORB NM 2018? [29/9/2017]
Stjrdal and Sandefjord have both applied to host the Norwegian skateboard championships next year, while Ullensaker wants a bowl park contest instead of bowl.

Fredrikstad Skatepark Is Ready To Go [24/3/2016]
The outdoor skatepark in Fredrikstad has been cleaned up and is ready for skating.

Season Start At Levanger Skatepark [24/3/2016]
Skaters in Levangers have started using the outdoor skatepark.

Trondheim Wants To Build Skatepark After All [7/8/2015]
Trondheim wants to realise a larger outdoor park after seeing what they did in Stjrdal.

Spotcheck: Stjrdal Skatepark August 2010 [14/10/2010]
Here is an update from the mini/micro ramp in Stjrdal.

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2017: Stjrdal Skatepark [24/7/2017]