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Betongpark is a Norwegian skatepark construction company.

Also known as: Betongpark AS

Skatepark at Norway Cup 2017
Betongpark is bringing a miniramp to this years Norway Cup between 29th July and 5th August, 2017.


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Norway Cup - Ny aktivitetspark klar for Ekebergsletta

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Skatepark at Norway Cup 2017 [18/5/2017]
Betongpark is bringing a miniramp to this years Norway Cup between 29th July and 5th August, 2017.

Betongpark Gets Award [12/5/2017]
Betongpark has been awarded rets Byggeskikkpris 2017 for their work at Drammen Park.

Norgesrampen with New Domain and Products [11/4/2017]
Norgesrampen has launched a new website on the domain, and started selling Betonpark products.


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2015: Various
Fjordie Shore - The fully unofficial Betongpark video.
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2017: Various: Show Picture
Skatepark at Norway Cup 2017. Photo by Norway Cup.

2017: Various: Show Picture
Betongpark Award.

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tasta Open Poster

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New Sandefjord Skatepark Construction [23/5/2017]
Betongpark has starte construction of the new skatepark at Strandpromenaden in Sandefjord.

More Funding For Mandal Skatepark [17/5/2017]
The city council in Mandal has voted to increase the funding for Betongparken Soleklar to 6,7 million NOK.

Sigdal Skatepark Opened [29/4/2017]
The Skatepark in Sigdal has been officially opened.

Jan Fredrik Karlsen Soleklar Skatepark Promo [19/4/2017]
Jan Fredrik Karlsen visits Skur 13 and gets padded up for skateboarding in this promo video to get the last 250.000 Kr needed for the planned concrete skatepark in Mandal.

Kuba Concrete Skatepark Plans [13/3/2017]
Norske Skatere and Betongpark has been working to get a much-needed concrete park in the capital, and have now come a step closer with a formal approval to use Kuba, as long as the project is presented as a gift to the city and the finances are in place. Moving forward they will try to provide financing in the form of voluntary work, gifts, investors and other funds earmarked for such projects.

Betongpark Upgrades Halden Skatepark [17/2/2017]
Betongpark is pimping the pre-fab skatepark in Halden.

Rippit Skatepark Expansion [11/2/2017]
The Rippit indoor skatepark in Kongsberg is getting an additonal 800 square meter indoor skatepark next door.

Mandal Skatepark Update [31/1/2017]
The planned skatepark in Mandal is asking the local businesses to help reach their funding goals.

Norwegian Skateboarding in 2016 [3/1/2017]
Join us for a look at some of the ups and downs of Norwegian skateboarding in 2016.

Soleklar Skatepark Design [13/12/2016]
Landskapsentreprenrene, with the help of Wheelscape, has been chosen to build the new skatepark in Mandal, that will include features from the city. Here are the plans for the new park that could open before next summer.