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Rud Rampland is a skatepark in Sandvika in Brum Kommune, Norway.

Also known as: Rud Rampeland / Sandvika Skatepark

Rud Skatepark Gets Spine Ramp
A new microramp with a spine and various other features is being built at Rud Rampeland.


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Rud Skatepark Microramp Update [23/6/2017]
Rud Rampland hopes to complete the new microramp this month.

Bowl Renovation at Rud Skatepark [23/5/2017]
The bowl at Rud Rampland is being fixed.

Rud Boys and Girls 2017 Program [11/5/2017]
Here is the program for Rud Boys and Girls, being held 10th June, 2017.


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2015: Rud Rampland
Aleksander streng - Rud Rampland from Martin Stuve Strm
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2015: Rud Rampland
Mads Harlem - Rud Rampland from Martin Stuve Strm
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2011: Rud Rampeland
Et par lines fra rud med Isak Eriksen
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2017: Rud Rampland: Show Picture
Microramp in progress. Photo by Rud Rampland.

2017: Rud Rampland: Show Picture
Bowl Renovation. Photo by Remi Jacobsen.

2017: Rud Rampland: Show Picture
New spine ramp at Rud in progress.

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Oldboys Skateboard NM 2015 [7/8/2015]
This years Norwegian skateboard championships for old boys is being held 12 September 2015.

Spotcheck: Rud Rampland June 2010 [25/7/2010]
Shortly after the completion of the new bowl at Rud, we found our way there to check it out. Here is some footage and information from the visit.

Spotcheck: Rud Rampland 2008 [11/2/2008]
Rud Rampland, or Asker Skatepark, is a skatepark in the Brum municipality in Norway. Here is some information on the park.

Norwegian Skateboard Links 2008 [26/1/2008]
Here is our complete listing of skateboard links related to skateboarding in Norway. The links have all been sorted into categories for easier navigation, and the article will be updated troughout the year.