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Vans is an American based manufacturer of footwear.

Also known as: Vans Shoes

Vans All The Way Down 2017 Tour Footage
A journey through Milan, Rome, and Naples, the three most important and fervent cities of Italy. 24 days long from North to South. The whole Vans Italy team took a skate trip around the most famous spots in Italy.

Trains, rented cars, overcrowded buses, hotel rooms, couches, and floors. Blood, sweat, fatigue, laughs, new friendships, and a thousand stories to tell. Many tricks, so many tricks. In one word: skateboarding. It took a lot of shots and a lot of footage as well, to produce the publication you got in your hands and the video you already watched, or youre gonna watch after you finish reading this. The longest and hardest mission our team has ever faced.


This is All The Way Down.


Filmed edited and animated by Alberto Chimenti Dezani and Patrick De Lorenzi @The Goodlife Studio.

Original artworks by Lucas Beaufort.

oh yeah by rayon beach

punch that peach by nick burke

dark master by dos passos

new eyesby nicholas burke cramer

relax by beat club

gleam by golden ghosts

up to here by golden ghosts

miracle by radar eyes

mr. bull doc by aka

heavens butcher by these machines are winning

funky heaven by mark III

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