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1947 is a skateboard video from LRG.

Also known as:

RIP LRG 1947 Video
Unused clips and alternative angels from the LRG 1947 video.


The clips were filmed in Brazil, Barcelona, and China with some of the LRG Crew.

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RIP LRG 1947 Video [18/4/2017]
Unused clips and alternative angels from the LRG 1947 video.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.

LRG 1947 Norway Premier [28/10/2015]
1947, the new full length video from LRG is premiering in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim on Saturday 31. October 2015.


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2015: Skateboard Parts
1947 | Tommy Sandoval
Play This Video

2015: Skateboard Parts
1947 | Intro + Miles Silvas
Play This Video

2015: Skateboard Parts
1947 | Intro + Carlos Ribeiro
Play This Video


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2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
LRG Movie Premier Poster

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Spotcheck: Marienlyst Miniramp May 2017 [6/5/2017]
The popular miniramp at Marienlyst is in poor condition, but it seems efforts are being made to save it.

Plans to update Poulsom Park Skatepark [15/4/2017]
Castletown Commissioners want to build the Islands premier BMX and skate park, replacing facilities at Poulsom Park.

Nordlandet Ungdomsskole Skatepark Gets Money [2/6/2016]
Nordlandet Ungdomsskole Skatepark. got 144.000 kr fom the lottery fund.

Jack Curtin Thrasher 1947 Interview [7/11/2015]
Here is Jack Curtins 1947 interview from Thrasher Magazine.

Hangup Vert Contest 2013 Results and Footage [14/6/2013]
Here are results and footage from the first Hang Up vert contest in Horten, Norway.

Season Opening in Bø [12/4/2013]
The concrete skatepark in Bø is opening this weekend with a kick off event. Here is some information.

Girl Camp Bod 2009 [26/3/2009]
Bod Skateklubb and Bod Energi og Kultur is arranging a skateboard camp for girls only at Bod Skatehall next month. Here is some information.

Happy New Year 2009 [3/1/2009]
Justme brought the cameras out to watch the fireworks. Here are some pictures and a video from the first minutes of the new year.

Chinese Animal Birthsigns [18/12/2008]
Your birthdate determines what animal sign you are born under. Here is a list of dates from 1924 to 2020, so you can find your Chinese animal sign.

List of Online Public Domain Movies [14/10/2007]
Many of the old classic movies have found their way into the public domain, meaning they can be distributed and downloaded from the Internet for free. For all you movie buffs, here is a hughe list of movies that have all entered the public domain and are now found on various video hosting websites.

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