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The Damn Am skateboarding events are the most well-known amateur skateboarding contests in the industry.

Also known as: Damn Am

Damn Am 2017 Atlanta Ride Footage
Making a 12 cut at a Damn Am is no small task and the dudes in the Finals are like the 1 percenters of STOKE and SHRED. Damn Am Atlanta was no exception with skaters coming from as far away as Brazil to give it a go. When scores were tallied Marcos Montoya skated off with the win and a spot reserved just for him in the Tampa Am Semi-Finals.


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Damn Am 2017 Costa Mesa Results and Footage [21/6/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Damn Am Costa Mesa contest.

Damn Am 2017 Costa Mesa Ride Winning Run Footage [19/6/2017]
Daisuke Ikedas winning run from DamnAm Costa Mesa had a little bit of everythingfrom the QP to the rail to the stairs and everything in between, this is a flawless 1:30 run! Congrats Daisuke, you killed it!

Damn Am 2017 Costa Mesa Ride Finals Footage [16/6/2017]
Of the 117 skaters that showed up to rip the second stop of the 2017 Damn Am series, the 12 that made it to the Finals were skating at a straight up pro level. See how Daisuke smoked them all right here.


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2016: Damn Am NYC
2016 Damn AM NYC RecaP from SLS
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2016: Damn Am NYC
2016 Damn Am NYC: Practice Robert Neal, Santiago Rodriguez, Jereme Knibbs SPoT Life
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2016: Damn Am Chicago
2016 Damn Am Chicago: Heres How Yoshi Tanenbaum Won SPoT Life
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2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Volcom Damn Am Event Flyer 2008

2013: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Damn Am Los Angeles

2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Amsterdamn Am Event Flyer

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Damn Am Costa Mesa 2008 Results [6/11/2008]
Damn Am Costa Mesa was the last Damn Am event before the Tampa Am. Here are the results from the event.