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Nstedhallen is an indoor skatepark in Drammen, Norway.

Also known as: Nsted Hallen Skatepark / Drammen Skatepark / Drammen Indoor Skatepark / Drammen Skatehall

Nstedhallen Indoor Skatepark Video
Kevin Nikkerud and Herman Borge skates the indoor skatepark in Drammen.


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Nstedhallen Indoor Skatepark Video [12/4/2017]
Kevin Nikkerud and Herman Borge skates the indoor skatepark in Drammen.

Nepal Fundraiser at Nstedhallen Footage [23/3/2017]
Footage from the Norwegian fundraiser event for the Annapurna Skatepark in Nepal.

Fundraiser For Nepal at Nstedhallen [10/3/2017]
A fundraiser for the planned Make Life Skate Life skatepark in Nepal is being held at Nstedhallen on Sunday, March 19th, 2017.


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2016: Nstedhallen Skatepark
USK TRIP - Nstedhallen
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2015: Nøstedhallen Skatepark
Alex Mortensen nøstedhallen 2015 part
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2015: Nstedhallen Skatepark
Norwegian Winter Vert Skating from Skate Martin 2015: Nstedhallen Skatepark. Espen Red, Martin Haavde, Henry Calmeyer, Amin Klungseth, Shareef Mason and Fredrik Fogg Solheim.
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2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Nstedhallen Nepal Fundraiser Poster.

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Nstehallen Christmas Sessions Poster

2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Adil Dyani Vert Sessions Poster

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Norwegian Indoor Skateparks in 2010 [31/12/2010]
In this first article of the year, we take a look at some of the indoor skateparks in Norway and some footage from last year.

Fresh Norwegian Indoor Footage [1/3/2010]
With the winter still going strong, we have gathered some fresh clips from some of the indoor skateparks around the country.

Nstedhallen Might Close Next Year [3/8/2008]
The local council in Drammen is concidering to drop the funding for Nstedhallen in next years budget, leaving the users without an offer trough the winter.