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Kevin Bkkel is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as: Kevin Baekkel [international spelling] / Kevin Bakkel [wrong spelling] / Kevin Bekkel [wrong spelling] / Kevin Braekkel [wrong spelling]

Kevin Bkkel Hangup Interview has an interview with Norwegian skateboarder Kevin Bkkel.

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Read the interview from the link below.

Hangup - 60 Minutes With kevin Baekkel

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Kevin Bkkel Skateboarder Interview [28/4/2017] talked to Kevin Bkkel about getting on the cover of Thrasher.

Kevin Bkkel at Brumunddal Skatepark [23/3/2017]
Kevin Bkkel skates the new indoor skatepark in Brumunddal.

Kevin Bkkel at CPH Skatepark [17/3/2017]
Kevin Bkkel hit a quick sesh at the Copenhagen Skatepark while dodging some winter weather.


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2016: Wonderland Skatepark
Kevin Bkkel Creature Quickie
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2016: Commercials
Magnified: Kevin Bkkel from Thrasher Magazine.
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2015: Various
Kevin Baekkel AKA The Norweigian Hammer recently lurked Northern California dropping the hammer out in the streets. Kevin stopped through NHS in between destruction and hit the TF in the Cannery.
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2011: Wild in the Streets Oslo: Show Picture
Kevin Bkkel skating at Vestbanen in Oslo during the Emerica Wild in the Streets event.

2009: NORB NM Big Gap Challenge: Show Picture
Kevin Bkkel tuck knee in the Pepsi Max Mucho Rabaldo Big Gap Challenge during the Norwegian skateboard championships at Fysak Skatepark in Bergen.

2009: NORB NM Street Finals: Show Picture
Kevin Bkkel 50-50 grind during the Norwegian skateboard championships at Fysak Skatepark in Bergen.

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Norwegian Skateboarding in 2016 [3/1/2017]
Join us for a look at some of the ups and downs of Norwegian skateboarding in 2016.

Koigen Open 2016 Results and Footage [14/9/2016]
Kevin Bkkel took firsts at this years Koigen Open.

Stange Open 2016 Results and Footage [25/7/2016]
Here are results and footage from this years Stange Open.

Daze OSL June SD [3/7/2016]
Martin Stuve Strm has released the third monthly Daze edit.

Kevin Bkkel and Friends at the Pumptrack [21/6/2016]
Here is a litte Instagram clip from Kevin Bkkel and friends skating the pumptrack at Amager in Copenhagen.

Daze OSL May HD [3/6/2016]
Martin Stuve Strm has made another HD video from Oslo.

Didrik Galasso Joins X Games Oslo Qualification [10/1/2016]
Karsten Kleppan got invited to X Games Oslo after turning pro, so Didrik Galasso is taking his place in the Norwegian qualifications.

Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2015 Results [14/12/2015]
Here are the results from this years Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam in Trondheim.

NORB NM 2015: Results and Footage [3/8/2015]
Here are the final results and footage from this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

Copenhagen Open 2015 Results and Footage [24/7/2015]
Here are results and footage from The Boardr Am and Copenhagen Open 2015.