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ystein Greini is a Norwegian musician and former skateboarder.

Also known as:

ystein Greni Dagbladet Interview
Dagbladet did an interview with ystein Greni.

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Read the interview from the link below.

Dagbladet - Da en skade dela skatedrmmen begynte ystein Greni skrive musikk. Resten er musikkhistorie

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ystein Greni at Tjme Skate Galla 2017 [16/6/2017]
ystein Greni will be playing at Tjme Skategalla on 1st July, 2017.

ystein Greni ABC Interview [23/3/2017]
ABC Nyheter talked to ystein Greni about going solo and starting to skate again.

ystein Greni Grralong Gang Part [23/3/2017]
Here is ystein Grenis part from the 1992 skate video Grralong Gang.


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Tjme Skate Galla 2017 Live Teaser [30/6/2017]
Watch Tjme Skate Galla live on Fatstone TV, Saturday 1st July, 2017.

Big Bang at GSF [22/7/2010]
Gamlebyen Sport Og Fritid invites you to a concert with BigBang under the bridge next month. Here is some information about the event.

NORB NM 1995 Results [27/8/2005]
Here are results from the Norwegian skateboard championships, held parallel to the Quart festival in Kristiansand.

NORB NM 1994 Results [29/12/2004]
Here are the complete results from the Norwegian skateboard championships held at Teatergarasjen in Bergen in 1994.

Rikshallen Contest 1991 Results [25/9/2004]
Here are the results from the contest held at Rikshallen Skatepark in 1991 in Oslo, Norway.