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CDF #1 Street in Chelles 2017 Results and Footage
126 skaters traveled to the Paris region for the first event of the French Skateboard Championships in Chelles.



Rsultats Juniors:
1- Hugo Westrelin (Biarritz - Lassosalai)
2- Noah Mahieu (Le Havre - Consortium skate club)
3- Noah Francisco (Paris - Tribe)
4- Edouard Mouton (Paris - Tribe)
5- Clment Jourdan (Lyon - Roule qui peut)
6- Max Berguin (Rouen - Consortium skate club)

Rsultats Espoirs:
1- Amiel Kornicki (Paris - Tribe)
2- William Raison (Nantes - Azymute)
3- Romain Dubourg (Bordeaux - Board'O)
4- Mehdi Mercier (Bordeaux - Board'O)
5- Archibald Bruno (Bordeaux - Board'O)
6- Daniel Porto Raya (Biarritz - Lassosalai)

Rsultats Filles:
1- Charlotte Hym (Paris - Tribe)
2- Hlne Grard (Le Mans - Snam & Co)
3- Camille Fleurence (Epinal - Arsh)
4- Jeanne Duval (Nantes - Azymute)
5- Sarah Ribeiro (Paris - Tribe)
6- Auriane Daries (Paris - Riderz)

Rsultats Seniors:
1- Joseph Garbaccio (Le Havre - Consortium Skate Club)
2- Victor Cascarigny (Toulouse - ARA)
3- Robin Fournier (Aix en Provence - BSM)
4- Benjamin Garcia (Bordeaux - Board'O)
5- Martin Le Clair (Bordeaux - Tribe)
6- George Poole (Seignosse - Hossegor Skate Club)

Nixon Original Line : Robin Fournier - Switch fs bigspin/Kickflip transfer/Bigspin fs boardslide/Biggerflip

cOLLAPSe Best Trick : Paul Galleli - Transfer tre flip to 50-50

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The next event is being held 11-12 March in Lille.

French Skateboard Championships 2017

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