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Foundation Skateboards is an American skateboard company.

Also known as:

Foundation Team Thrasher Interview
Thrasher has an interview with the Foundation team.


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The new Foundation video premiered in OC, February 1st, 2017.

Oddity OC Premier

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Commercial: Corey Glick For Foundation [7/6/2018]
Commercial: Corey Glick For Foundation.

Commercial: Foundation Nuclear Paradise Pro Series [20/5/2018]
Nuclear Paradise Pro Series by Kenny Banzai Out Now!!!

Commercial: Foundation Cole Wilson Metal Slug 8.5 [20/5/2018]
The Cole Wilson Metal Slug 8.5 by BB Bastidas.


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2011: Welcome Videos
Foundation Skateboards presents Dakota Servold by Tum Yeto
Play This Video

2013: Welcome Videos
Dakota Servold Turning Pro Party.
Play This Video

2002: 411 Video Magazine 54
411 Video Magazine 54 - Conrolled Chaos: Foundation Skateboards
Play This Video


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2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Oddity Premier Poster

2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
Foundation Welcomes Dan Murphy.

Go Fish:

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Gustavo Rodriguez with DVS Spain [30/5/2011]
DVS Spain has welcomed Gustavo Rodriguez to the team. Here is some information.

Elijah Berle on Osiris [28/7/2010]
Osiris Footwear has welcomed Elijah Berle to their team. Here is the welcome clip and some information.

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