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Detroit is a city in Michigan, USA.

Also known as:

Adroit in Detroit Tour Video
Joe Brook assembled a legendary crew of skaters for a couple weeks of shredding and artistic energy in the beautiful, but wounded landscape of Detroit. Ewan Bowman put together this awesome vid to capture the adventure.


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Tony Hawk-supported skate park opens in Detroit [21/8/2017]
A new skate park and public art installation has officially opened in downtown Detroit for the remainder of the year.

New Temporary Skatepark In Downtown Detroit [22/7/2017]
Tony Hawk partners on a new temporary skatepark to open a in downtown Detroit, until Bedrocks massive Monroe Block development breaks ground in the area, which is expected in January 2018. At that point, the modular design of the park will allow it to be moved to another part of the city.

Grind TV Top 5 Skate Trip Cities [26/2/2017]
Grind TV has an article about the best five cities for a skateboard trip.


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2015: Tour Videos
detroit_april 2015 from Alien Workshop
Play This Video


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2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Spektra Premiere at Dattera til Hagen in Oslo, Norway.

Go Fish:

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The Boardr Am 2015 [22/1/2015]
Here are the events of The Boardr Am 2015 contest series.

IPath Midwest Taco Tour 2013 Footage [23/9/2013]
The IPath Midwest Taco Tour 2013 went to in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit and Cleaveland.

Element Make It Count 2013 Global Finals [22/8/2013]
Here are the results and footage from the Make It Count Global Finals

Made in Emerica 2012 Tour Footage [17/7/2012]
Last month the Emerica team embarked on the Made in Emerica Tour, working their way to the Wild in the Streets 2012 event in Detroit. Here is the footage.

5Boro X Carhartt New York to Detroit Tour Footage [11/4/2012]
The Carhartt and 5boro teams went on a tour from new York to Detroit. Here is some footage.

Maloof Money Cup New York Am Riders [19/5/2010]
The Maloof Money Cup Ams lineup for the 2010 World Industries Amateur Street Contest has been announced. Here is some infomation.

Red Bull Manny Mania 2010 [15/4/2010]
Red Bull has announced the dates and locations of this years Manny Mania world wide contest series, with events in 32 countries. Here is some information.

Jereme Rogers Retired [18/6/2009]
Jereme Rogers has announced his retirement from skateboarding. Here is some information on the update.

Element Make It Count USA 2010 [6/1/2009]
The annual Element Make It Count contest series is about to kick off in the US. Here is some infromation about this years series.

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2015: Ride It Sculpture Park [6/10/2015]