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A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device.

Also known as: PC Games / Console Games

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Documentary
According to a recent Tweet from Tony Hawk, a THPS documentary is in the works.


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Hover Skate VR Upload VR Review [8/4/2017]
Upload VR takes a look at the Hover Skate VR game.

True Skate Goes Big Screen [26/3/2017]
True Axis is expanding the popular True Skate game.

Skateline 31-01-2017 [2/2/2017]
Marc Johnson Board Sponsor, Man Ramp, Blind Skateboarder Dan Mancina, DMX.


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2010: Trailers and Clips
Shaun White SkateBoarding Game Teaser.
Play This Video


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Go Fish:

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Vierli To Build Skate Hotel [22/9/2011]
Norways first skate in/skate out hotel is being built at Vierli. Here is some information.

Mike V Back With Airwalk [17/4/2011]
According to a press release, Mike Vallely has returned to the brand he rode for in 1988 to help design limited-edition products for the brands 25th anniversary collection.

Skate 3 Oslo Launch Party [14/5/2010]
The official launch party for the latest game in the Skate series is being held in Oslo tonight. Here is some information about the event.

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