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Santa Cruz is a company manufacturing skateboards, snowboards and surfboards.

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Santa Cruz Midwest Tour 2016 Footage
In September, Santa Cruz tripped through the Midwest, doing demos and hitting shop signings along the way.


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Santa Cruz Euro Tour 2017 Footage [30/10/2017]
Ever want to spend a few weeks skateboarding in Europe with your good friends? Santa Cruz invites you into the van for a look at how amazing and exhausting a tour through multiple countries can be. So grab yourself a coffee, kick the feet up and enjoy.

Team Update: Yndiara Asp on Santa Cruz [5/9/2017]
Santa Cruz Skateboards has welcomed 19 year old Yndiara Asp from Brazil to the team!

Santa Cruz Pro Erick Winkowski [14/7/2017]
Erick Winkowski has turned pro with Santa Cruz Skateboards.


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2016: Welcome Videos
Blake is Pro, Tom is On! Santa Cruz PROmo video
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2016: Welcome Videos
Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to welcome Kevin Braun, Dylan Williams and Erick Winkowski to the Am team. Filmed over the last few months, each one of these guys brings their own unique outlook on skating to the team. Also featuring Santa Cruz Ams Mikey Curtis and Blake Johnson. We hope you enjoy.
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2016: Commercials
Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to offer the Lunch Bag Art series featuring Jason Jessee, Eric Dressen, Salba and Tom Knox by Lucas Musgrave. Three years ago, Santa Cruz Art Director, Lucas Musgrave aka Goon, started drawing on his sons lunch bags in the morning before school. With over 300 lunch bags under his belt, they have become an outlet to showcase his incredible artistic ability. For this series, Lucas took photos chosen by each of the four pros and drew them in the same fashion. Each board is on the pros specific shape and size and drawn with Bic pen and white pencil. These decks will be available Spring 2016. Follow Lucas on Instagram: @sc_goon #BishopsBags for daily bag posts.
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2008: Advertisments: Show Picture
Robert Williams x Santa Cruz Malicious Series

1989: Advertisments: Show Picture
Santa Cruz Rip Grip Advertisment.

1988: Advertisments: Show Picture
Santa Cruz Rip Grip Advertisment.

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Santa Cruz Skateboards AM Video [16/11/2017]
Here is Santa Cruz Skateboards full length am/flo video. Knibbs came through with a heavy part to officially welcome him the Team. This squad is a bunch of heavy hitters, youre gonna need to sit down for this one.

Pro Freestyle 2017 Results and Footage [21/6/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Pro Freestyle contest.

Santa Cruz at Power Inn Skatepark [3/2/2017]
The Santa Cruz team put four wheels to the crete in Sacramento.

Pizza Delivery By Skateboard [23/1/2017]
Pizza delivery driver Daniel Christjensen turned to his longboard to save the day when mudslide-induced traffic tie-ups hit Los Gatos, California.

Lost Bowl Contest 2015 Results and Footage [6/11/2015]
On Saturday, October 24th, 2015 Red Bull Skateboarding teamed up with Creature & Santa Cruz Skateboards/Indy Trucks/OJ Wheels/Bronson Speed Co. to throw a 21-man invite-only backyard bowl bash at Pat Lowerys legendary Richmond, Virginia Lost Bowl.

Prazskej Demon 2014 Results [7/9/2014]
Here are results from the Prazskej Demon 2014 contest held on the 6th september at the Gutovka Skatepark in Strasnice, Prague, Czech Republic.

Shuriken Shannon on Ipath [19/1/2013]
Ipath has welcomed Shuriken Shannon to the team. Here is the press release.

Santa Cruz Derby Skatepark Gets A Facelift [13/5/2012]
The historic Derby Skatepark in Santa Cruz is being renovated. Here is some information.

Burn Nordic Does Tenerife 2012 Tour Video [5/5/2012]
The Burn Nordic skate team went on a trip to Tenerife in search of an exotic spot that could provide challenges for everyone.

Australian Open of Surfing 2012 Results and Footag [24/2/2012]
The Australian Open of Surfing was held at Manly Beach this month. Here are results and footage from the surf and skate contests.

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