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More Skate Money For Vestby Skateparks
Sparebankstiftelsen DnB has given 1.000.0000 Kr to Vestby SSB and 300.000 Kr for Hlen Skate Klubb.


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Last year Sparebankstiftelsen DnB supported Vestby SSB with 1.000.000 Kr to build a new skatepark.

Vestby Skatepark Updates

The skatepark was completed this fall.

New Skatepark Completed In Vestby

The skatepark at Brandsatd in Hlen opened in 2014.

Hlen Skatepark Officially Opened

The park got some new obstacles this year.

Spotcheck: Hlen Skatepark July 2016

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Sources and more information.

Facebook Post

The local paper also covered the story.

Vestby Avis - Disse har over en million gode grunner til juble

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Vert Ramp Renovation At Horten Skatepark [16/6/2017]
The vert ramp in Horten is being fixed after receiving 180.000 NOK from Sparebankstiftelsen DnB.

More Skate Money For Vestby Skateparks [15/12/2016]
Sparebankstiftelsen DnB has given 1.000.0000 Kr to Vestby SSB and 300.000 Kr for Hlen Skate Klubb.

The Worlds Coolest Day [19/8/2012]
Sparebankstiftelsen celebrates their 10 year anniversary with the coolest day in the world. Here is some information.


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2016: Various: Show Picture
Vestby SSB and Hlen Skate Klubb receives a grant fron Sparebankstiftelsen DnB. Photo by Vestby SSB.

2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Verdens Kuleste Dag Flyer

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Blmann Skatepark SNN Feature [21/6/2017]
SNN Stiftelsene has an article about the opening of Blmann Skatepark.

Halden Skatepark Sparebankstiftelsen Feature [4/6/2017]
Bjrn-Nicklas Pettersen Myrvang wanted more to have the opportunity to skate in Halden, so he and some friends started the Halden Rullebrettklubb and sought support from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

Nittedal Got Skatepark Money [23/1/2017]
Nittedal Rulleklubb got 550.000 Kr from Sparebankstiftelsen to build a bowl.

Money For OSF [18/1/2017]
Oslo Skateboardforening got 321.000 kroner to build a minirampland at Skur 13, buy equipment and teach.

Lommedalen Skatepark Opening [24/8/2016]
The new skatepark in Lommedalen is opening today.

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Winter is upon us once again. Here is a closer look at the indoor skateparks in Norway this season.

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Here are some pictures from the new street course at the GSF Skatepark.

GSF Skatepark Expansion Build Photos [24/7/2015]
Here is an update from the construction going on at the GSF Skatepark in Oslo.

GSF Skatepark Cleanup Started [21/4/2015]
Work has started to clear out the thrash from under the bridge at GSF.