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Tampa Am is an annual amature skateboard contest in Tampa, Florida.

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Tampa AM 2016 Qualifier Jam 21-45 Footage
Full recap of the qualifier jam at Tampa Am 2016 part 3.


Jam 21: Marcos Montoya - Kevin Baekkel
Jam 22: Eli Williams - Dylan Williams
Jam 23: Marek Zaprazny - Gage Boyle
Jam 24: Niels Bennett - Joo Lucas Alves Miranda Rodrigues
Jam 25: Jonathon Reese - Alexis Ramirez
Jam 26: JP Oliveira - Eric Clark
Jam 27: Brodie Penrod - Tristan Funkhouser
Jam 28: Jarne Verbruggen - Derrell Carey
Jam 29: Ryan Townley - Ryan Alvero
Jam 30: JS Lapierre - Gard Hvaara
Jam 31: Lehi Leite - Derek Holmes
Jam 32: John Oskvarek Aka Ozzy - Clint Beswick
Jam 33: Dominick Walker - Jorge Simes
Jam 34: Austin Zito - Cody Chapman
Jam 35: Hermann Stene - Frankie Villani
Jam 36: Kadian Maxwell - Justin Sommer
Jam 37: Justin Drysen - David Jakinda
Jam 38: Marse Farmer - Angelo Caro
Jam 39: Carsten Boyer - Matheus de Souza
Jam 40: James Cobb - Carter Wood
Jam 41: Alexander Risvad - Justin Henry
Jam 42: Henry Gartland - Deandre Thebpanya
Jam 43: Mike Piwowar - Maurio Mccoy
Jam 44: Jamal Campbell - London Davis
Jam 45: Ducky Kovacs - Khule Ngubane

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Tampa Am 2017 Finals Ride Footage [16/11/2017]
Skaters from the USA, Columbia, Norway, Brazil, France, and Portugal all made it to the top 12 Final and earned a shot at winning the 2017 Tampa Am. It was a truly international affair consisting of incredible skateboarding and wall to wall stoke. A huge congratulations goes out to Gustavo Ribeiro for taking the win and earning a spot in the 2018 SLS Pro Open. Good luck Gustavo!

Tampa Am 2017 Gustavo Ribeiro Ride Footage [16/11/2017]
What kind of skating does it take to beat 250 of the most talented amateur skateboarders from all around the entire world? Click play and find out.

Tampa Am 2017 Mannys World Footage [16/11/2017]
Manny Santiago headed south to attend this year Tampa Am contest, to only have the Ams take his money, and find out that this guy Felipe with no legs has a bigger heart then all of us...Kids just keep getting better and better!


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2015: Tampa Am
Tampa AM 2015: Santa Cruz Skateboards
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2015: Tampa Am
Brasileiros no Tampa AM 2015
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2015: Tampa Am
TAMPA AM 2015 - 3 Runs Of Aurelien Giraud, Total 240.4 points
Play This Video


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2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tampa Am Poster

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tampa Am Poster

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tampa Am Poster

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Damn Am 2017 NYC Finals RIDE Footage [26/9/2017]
The final stop of the 2017 Damn Am came down to the last few runs. Multi-stop winners Maurio McCoy and Daisuke Ikeda were looking like the guys to beat, but Ivan Monteiro had other plans.

O Marisquino 2017 Results and Footage [18/8/2017]
Here are results and footage from O Marisquino 2017.

Damn Am 2017 Amsterdam Ride Finals Footage [9/8/2017]
How do you say Holy Hell! in Dutch? Either way, the skating in the Finals at Damn Am Amsterdam was NEXT level.

Simple Session 2016 Skate Results and Footage [7/5/2016]
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AmsterDamn Am 2009 [11/5/2009]
AmsterDamn Am 2009, returns to the Skatepark of Amsterdam on July 24th, 25th, and 26th and has a overall purse of 15,000 EU. Here is the information.

Tampa AM 2008 Photage [13/12/2008]
The fifteenth annual Tampa Am was at the Skate Park of Tampa this month. Here are some videos and pictures from the contest.

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2017: Event Flyers [12/11/2017]

2015: Tampa Am [16/11/2015]

2015: Tampa Am [16/11/2015]