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A skatepark is a purpose-built recreational environment for skateboarders to ride and develop their sport and technique. A skatepark may contain half-pipes, quarter pipes, handrails, trick boxes, vert ramps, pyramids, banked ramps, full pipes, stairs, and any number of other trick-oriented objects.

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Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2016/2017
Winter is upon us once again. Here is another look at the indoor skateparks in Norway.


With 57active indoor skateparks, the list of indoor skatparks in Norway now has two spots more than last years count, and there are some more on the way still..

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Below is a quick look at the indoor skatepark news this year.

The Good:

The Stavanger Skatehall was rebuilt.

The new Vestby Skatehall was officially opened.

The councilor for culture, sports and volunteer activities, Rina Mariann Hansen, met with local politicians to try to speed up sports facilities in Oslo, such as Haugenhallen Skatepark that was stopped after an analysis showed it would cost a lot more than the budget.

In Larvik the new Larvik Skatehall was officially opened.

Tvildermoen Skatehall, the indoor skatepark in Voss, was renovated.

Skur 13 was officially opened, after a short tease in April.

Farsund Kommune took over operations at Flipside.

Last month Jarle Grimsland finished the woodwork at the new Brummundal Skatehall.
Brummundal Indoor Skatepark Update

Skaters in Hamar are currently in between indoor skateparks, but might be better off?

Ullensaker Skateboardklubb are working to realise an better indoor park.

A group of skaters are working to get an indoor skatepark in Tnsberg.

Verkty i Lufta is building a new bowl at Arena Bekkestua. You can see the shape here, and the new bowl will be ready for this years Hst Bust.

Jon Harald Aspheim initiated the effort to build a vert ramp at Notodden Skatehall, and it is being officially opened this month.

Audun (33) and Anni Krarup Jonassen (30) has taken over the old chapel in Fauske, and plan to build a skateboard ramp there.
Fauske To Get Indoor Skatepark

The new Oslo Skatehall will open in January 2017.

New features are being added to Mre Skatehall.

Grenland Skatepark was updated.

Skatehallen Fredrikstad has been updated.

The Bad:

Bergheim Skatehall, the indoor skatepark in Asky has been closed.
RIP Asky Indoor Skatepark

Saga Skatepark, the indoor skatepark in Fagerstrand could loose funding next year if the suggested budget is passed
Saga Skatepark Could Loose Funding

The Others:

Indoor Skateparks in Finland are now available as a filter in the skatespot guide.

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Nye Tasta Skatepark Completed [17/5/2018]
Mayor Christine Sagen Helg cut the red ribbon with skaters Benjamin Brune and Jonas Larsen for the official opening of Tasta Skatepark .

Suli Skatepark Construction Video [17/5/2018]
Make Life Skate Life has shared a video from day 4 at Sulaymaniyah Skatepark.

Reading Skatepark Design [17/5/2018]
$1.2 million project plan unveiled at pub near its planned location on Canal Street. Organizers accept ideas for improving it.


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2012: Ride Channel Manual Labor
How-to Design and Build Bank Ramps (part 2) - Manual Labor
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2012: Ride Channel Manual Labor
How-to Design and Build Bank Ramps - Manual Labor
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2012: Ride Channel Manual Labor
How-To Build a Skatepark: Hammering Basics - Manual Labor
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2011: Haugenstua Skatepark: Show Picture
Tommy Jrgensen steps off for a transfer from micro to micro at Haugenstua Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Lucia Classics

2011: Dovre Skole Skatepark: Show Picture
Opening of the new skatepark at Dovre Ungdomsskole.

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Spotcheck: Teaterplassen May 2018 [19/5/2018]
Teaterplassen got skatestopped a few years ago, right after its renovation, but not everything..

New York Times: Skateboarders Won [15/4/2018]
Skate parks, once considered a menace, are booming everywhere around the world. Now we head toward the first skateboarding Olympics.

Trey Wood Wins Tampa Pro 2018 Concrete Bowl [7/3/2018]
Monster Energy issued a press release to congratulate team rider Trey Wood for taking first place at the Converse Concrete Jam bowl competition during the 24th Tampa Pro skateboard contest.

Tour Footage: #WeAreSupra European Skate Tour [31/1/2018]
In classic Supra tradition, a European Tour starts with a team of legendary skateboarders, several long flights, and a ton of great skateboarding. The We Are Supra Tour is no exception.

Brighton Lions Support Skateparks [30/1/2018]
Brighton Lions sign on as fundraising partner for skateboard park expansion.

Skateboard Inspired Furniture [30/11/2017]
Conbini looks at Boarding Furniture, furniture inspired by skateparks created by Swedish designer Kunsik Choi.

Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2017/2018 [26/11/2017]
Its winter, so time to take another look at whats happening with the indoor skateparks in Norway this season.

Sweden Could Get More Skateparks [16/11/2017]
The possibility of skateparks in Stngby, Sdra Sandby, Genarp and Veberd is being in looked into after Sderlyckan Skatepark has become one of the most popular skateparks in Sweden.

Recomends Skateparks In Lillesand [11/11/2017]
Helse-, kultur- og velferdsutvalget recomended indoor and outdoor skateparks instead Of Iceskating and sandvolley, to the city council in Lillesand.

Vista Closes Skateparks After Robbery [29/9/2017]
Just 10 days after being opened, the two new skateparks in Vista have been temporarily closed, following the robbery of a city employee by loiterers. The parks will reopen Saturday, September 30th, 2017.

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2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]