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Deathwish Skateboards is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Deathwish

Deathwish For America Tour 2016 Footage
Video recap of all the demos from the Deathwish For America Tour.


Featuring Jon Dickson, Lizard King, Neen Williams, Erik Ellington, Jake Hayes, Taylor Kirby, Erick Valdez and Jamie Foy.

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Taylor Kirby Thrasher Pro Video [12/4/2017]
The Deathwish squad got together to hit a couple parks before surprising Kirby with his first pro board. Congrats!

Deathwish Pro Taylor Kirby [12/4/2017]
Taylor Kirby has turned pro with Deathwish Skateboards.

Jamie Foy Welcome To Deathwish Part [5/3/2017]
Deathwish skateboards would proudly welcome Jamie Foy to the family! Jamies a beast! No handrail is safe!


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2016: Welcome Videos
Jake Hayes - Welcome To Deathwish
Play This Video

2011: Welcome Videos
Neen williams goes pro for deathwish
Play This Video

2011: Trailers and Clips
Deathwish Video Trailer by bakerboysdist
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2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Jamie Foy on Deathwish

2016: Various: Show Picture
Jake Hayes on Deathwish Instagram announcement.

2013: Various: Show Picture
The moose, a moose and two new pro model skateboard decks.

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