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The X Games is an annual event with a focus on extreme action sports. The Winter X Games are held in January or February and the Summer X Games are usually held in August.

Also known as: X Games

Game Over For X Games Oslo
X Games Oslo will not receive funding from Oslo Kommune for next years event, wich means there will not be a skateboarding contest in Oslo in 2017.

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A report by Menon shows that the ticket and sponsorship revenue for X Games Oslo 2016 ended at 8.5 million kr, 1 million more than estimated. The event is also popular among people, and gave the city great exposure, including a young audience who are otherwise difficult to reach.

X Games Oslo Was A Good Investment

Both athletes and spectators thought X Games Oslo was a huge success.

X Games Oslo 2016 Was A Success

And never before has so many watched skateboarding on Norwegian television.

X Games Oslo 2016 Breaks TV Record

Check out the results and footage from this years skateboarding event at Skur 13.

X Games Oslo 2016 Skateboard Results
X Games Oslo 2016 Mens Skate Final Footage
X Games Oslo 2016 Womens Skate Final Footage

But the the joy was short lived, as the funding from Oslo Kommune came into question when the argument that the anti-doping work is not up to standards continued.

X Games Oslo 2016 The Drug Testing Argument
X Games Oslo Argument Continues
Skateboarding Could Be Dropped From X Games Oslo

X Games, Antidoping Norge and ESPN eventually signed an agreement, but Oslo city council would still not promise funding for the event.

X Games Agreement In Norway

Oslo Idrettskrets then recomended that the event should not get support from the city, because it does not generate enough activity.

More X Games Oslo Arguments

The winter events will still be held next year, at Hafjell.

X Games 2017 at Hafjell?

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Sources and more information in Norwegian.

Henning Andersen Facebook Post
NRK stlandssendingen - X Games i Oslo

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2016: X Games Oslo
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X Games Norway Concept Drawing.

2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
X Games Norway Concept Drawing.

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