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AST Dew Tour is a sports tour that consists of five major, multi-sport events spanning across the country, with a cumulative points system.

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Dew Tour 2016 Long Beach Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from the Dew Tour contest in Long Beach.


Check out the highlights from all parks during Saturdays event including ripping footage of Chris Joslin, Cody McEntire, Sean Malto and more.


Pro Contest:

For the first year ever, Dew Tour built 4 different parks for the skaters to rip and get points. Ryan Sheckler shredded the tech, bowl, rails and gap sections to come out on top and collect his 15th Dew Tour win.

1. Ryan Sheckler (USA) 364.33
2. Louie Lopez (USA) 356.98
3. Ryan Decenzo (CAN) 344.66
4. Cody McEntire (USA) 323.65
5. Sean Malto (USA) 321.32
6. Carlos Ribiero (BRA) 313.00

Team Contest:

The first ever Team Challenges event was held at Dew Tour Long Beach 2016 including team skaters from Flip, Real, Plan B and more. Catch the highlights to see what went down.

1. Blind Skateboards 369.32
- Cody McEntire (USA) Gaps 90.33
- TJ Rogers (CAN) Tech 90.33
- Micky Papa (CAN) Rails 95.66
- Trey Wood (USA) Bowl 93.00
2. Flip Skateboards 359.66
- Louie Lopez (USA) Gaps 92.00
- Luan Oliveira (BRA) Tech 81.33
- Alec Majerus (USA) Rails 93.00
- Curren Caples (USA) Bowl 93.33
3. Plan B Skateboards 358.99
- Chris Joslin (USA) Gaps 94.00
- Scott Decenzo (CAN) Tech 89.66
- Jagger Eaton (USA) Rails 92.33
- Ryan Sheckler (USA) Bowl 93.33

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