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DC Shoes is an American footwear company.

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DC Special Delivery Tour 2: Scandinavian Tour
DC Shoes has annouced that The Special Delivery Tour II will be in Scandinavy, stopping in the most influent cities and skate spots in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.


The tour will include open rider sessions and free product tests allowing kids and skaters to wear, test and win the latest models of DC Shoes. Core skate shop activation and session with locals will be part also of the program. This time, the tour will start in Goteborg, Sweden with DC athletes Wes Kremer, Madars Apse, Josef Scott Jatta, Jaakko Ojanen and guests

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DC Shoes is releasing a Tiago Lemos signature shoe.

Mike Mo Off DC [7/11/2016]
DC Shoes chose not to renew the contract with Mike Mo Capaldi when it expired.

DC Special Delivery Tour II UK 2016 Tour Footage [10/10/2016]
Here are the highlights from the DC Shoes Special Delivery II tour in the United Kindom.


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2016: Tour Videos
DC Shoes Europe - Special Delivery Tour 2016 - UK
Play This Video

2016: Tour Videos
DC Shoes Europe - Special Delivery Tour 2016 - France
Play This Video

2016: Tour Videos
DC Shoes Europe - Special Delivery Tour 2016 - Scandinavia
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2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
DC Tour Poster

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
DC Shoes Special Delivery Tour 2 Norway Poster

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
DC Special Delivery Tour II Poster

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