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Flowgrind is an annual skateboard contest in Slovenia.

Also known as: Flowgrind International Skateboarding Contest

Flowgrind 2016 Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from the Flowgrind contest in Nova Gorica, Slovenija.




01 Max Kruglov, Age 27
02 Douwe Macare, Age 23
03 Ke Chaud Johnson, Age 28
04 Maxim Habanec, Age 24
05 Egor Kaldikov, Age 21
06 Tomas Vintr, Age 30
07 Fabio Montagner
08 Zander Gabriel, Age 25
09 Timotej Lampe Ignjic, Age 24
10 Alex Decunha, Age 19
11 Fabio Colombo
12 Santino Exenberger, Age 15
13 Joan Galceran, Age 23
14 Antonio Pekovic

Am/16 Under:

01 Martin Atanasov
02 Massimo Cristofoletti
03 Luka Boic
04 Rene Torkar
05 Antonio Bagaric
06 an Hamrcek


01. Julia Brueckler, Age 26
02. Asia Lanzi, Age 14
03. Talja Suenc

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Flowgrind 2018 [1/5/2018]
The International Flowgrind contest is being held in Slovenia on 7-10 June, 2018.

Flowgrind 2017 Results and Footage [21/6/2017]
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2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture

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