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Oslo is the capital city of Norway.

Also known as: Christiania / Kristiania / Tigerstaden

Oslo Spring 2016
March is getting warmer every year, and in Oslo the snow has either melted or been removed by force from most of the parks and spots. Skate is on!


Arrival at the location of Jordal Skatepark.

Overview of Jordal Skatepark.

Espen Red moments before smacking his tail on the coping at Jordal Skatepark.

The fountain at Klosterenga Skulpturpark.

Construction is still going on at GSF Skatepark in Gamlebyen.

Skaters have returned to the street area at GSF Skatepark.

Overview of the bowl at GSF Skatepark.

The "Tyenpuppen" spot at Sommerfrydhagen.

Getting them kickflips back in line at Mlleparken Skatepark.

The new indoor skatepark is being built at Voldslkka.

There is always someone skating Torshov Skatepark when the weather is nice.

Audun Mehl is stoked on fakie nose at Torshovrampen.

All quiet at the Skatt st spot.

Sun sets in Oslo, Norway.

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Back in 2012 there was still a lot of snow as late as April.

Cleaning the bowl at Jordal Skatepark

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Read more about the early spring in Oslo in Norwegian.

Dagsavisen - Urolig velvre i mildvret

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