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GoPro Beach Bowl 2016 Resuls and Footage
Here are results and footage from the GoPro Beach Bowl 2016.




1 Rune Glifberg $7000.00
2 Alex Sorgente $3500.00
3 Jonathan Schwan $3000.00
4 Trey Wood $2500.00
5 Ivan Federico $2250.00
6 Cory Juneau $2000.00
7 Sandro Dias $1750.00
8 Pierre-Luc Gagnon $1500.00
9 Joshua Rodriguez $1200.00
10 Collin Graham $1000.00
11 Austin Poynter $900.00
12 Luke Russell $900.00
13 Mikee Zion $800.00
14 Rob Lorifice $800.00
15 George Richards $700.00
16 Kalani David $700.00
17 Ryan Helm $600.00
18 Robin Bolian $600.00
19 Noah Fuzi $500.00
20 Justin Rivera $500.00
21 Daniel Cuervo
22 Poppy Starr
23 Matt Kitai
24 Lizzie Armanto
25 Fabio Ticara
26 Noah Regan


1 Renton Millar $2500.00
2 Neal Hendrix $2000.00
3 Pat Ngoho $1500.00
4 Luke Jones $1400.00
5 Mick Mulhall $1300.00
6 Adam Luxford $1200.00
7 Chris Patton $1100.00
8 John Gray $1000.00
9 Sean Ritchie $1000.00
10 Gunther Viveiros $1000.00
11 Adrian Jones $200.00

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AIS - GoPro Beach Bowl 2016 = Good Times

Article about Rune Glifberg winning in Danish media.

DR - Rutineret dansk skater banker de unge i Australien

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