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The X Games is an annual event with a focus on extreme action sports. The Winter X Games are held in January or February and the Summer X Games are usually held in August.

Also known as: X Games

X Games Oslo 2016 Skateboard Results
Here are all the results from the X Games Oslo skateboarding contests.


Check out the full results below. All photos courtesy of X Games Oslo.


1. Nyjah Huston 93,00
2. Shane O Neill 92,00
3. Luan Oliveira 91,33
4. Alec Majerus 89,66
5. Curren Caples 82,33
6. Louie Lopes 72,33
7. Ishod Wair
8. Ryan Sheckler
9. Karsten Kleppan
10. Hermann Stene
11. David Gonzalez
12. Riley Hawk


1. Pamela Rosa 80,33
2. Lacey Baker 79,66
3. Vanessa Torres 79,66
4. Alexis Sablone 77,33
5. Leticia Bufoni 74,00
6. Alana Smith 73,33

External Links

Videos and articles from the Mens finals

TV2 - Nyjah Huston (21) viste hvorfor han regnes som verdens beste skater (article)
TV2 - Skur 13 tok fyr etter Nyjah Hustons vanvittige vinnerrun (video)
TV2 - Shane O Neill fikk publikum til reise seg i begeistring (video)
TV2 - Luan Oliveira skatet s hardt at han mtte lpe ut av bygget (video)

Videos from the womens final.

TV2 - Mamma grt da Pamela (16) tok X Games Oslos frste gull (video)
TV2 - Pamela Rosa imponerte i frste forsk (video)

None of the Norwegian skaters went on to the final.

TV2 - Ingen av de norske skaterne videre til X Games-finalen

Playboard has some photos from the contest.

Playboard - X Games i Oslo i bilder

More media coverage.

Adressa - X Games-stjerne imponerte TV 2s ekspert: Noen m ringe en lege, for dette er helt sykt!
Dagsavisen - Rykket opp til gull p skateboard
Dagsavisen - X Games: Gull til skateboard-kongen

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2016: X Games Oslo
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2016: X Games Oslo: Show Picture
Pamela Rosa lip slide at X Games Oslo. Photo by Skur 13.

2016: X Games Oslo: Show Picture
Pamela Rosa frontside boardslide during X Games Oslo. Jacques Holst / X Games Oslo.

2016: X Games Oslo: Show Picture
Pamela Rosa won the womens skateboarding final X Games Oslo. Photo by X Games Oslo.

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