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Jagger Eaton is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

Trick Tip: How to Ollie with Jagger Eaton
It all starts with this one trick- the ollie. I Am Sport asked X Games athlete Jagger Eaton to show us step by step how he ollies. He should know. Jagger is the youngest athlete to compete in the X Games.


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Jagger Eaton Simple Session Interview [29/4/2018]
Interview with Simple Session 18 skate champion Jagger Eaton!

Simple Session 2018 Jagger Eaton Footage [7/2/2018]
Watch Jagger Eaton as he takes the Simple Session 2018 crown.

Simple Session 2018 Results and Footage [5/2/2018]
Here are the skateboarding results and footage from this years Simple Session.


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X Games 2018 Minneapolist Riderslist.

SLS 2018 London Practice Footage [28/5/2018]
SLS London Pro Open Practice from Flatspot Magazine.

X Games 2018 Oslo Results and Footage [20/5/2018]
Results and Footage From X Games Norway 2018.

X Games 2018 Oslo Day 1 Results and Footage [18/5/2018]
Results and footage from the first day at X Games Oslo 2018.

Commercial: Jagger Eaton for MOB x Thrasher [10/5/2018]
Jagger Eaton sparks up a sesh at one of the sickest backyard dreamscapes on the NEW Graphic MOB x Thrasher grip. Damn, dude!

X Games 2018 Oslo Skateboarders [23/3/2018]
More athletes for X Games Oslo 2018 has been announced.

Tampa Pro 2018 Results and Footage [11/3/2018]
Here are the results and footage from this years Tampa Pro contest.

Tampa Pro 2018 Jagger Eaton Footage [11/3/2018]
Jagger Eatons winning run at Tampa Pro 2018.

Tampa Pro 2018 Jagger Eaton Footage [7/3/2018]
With the ink still wet on Jagger Eatons Pro contract, the former Tampa Am winner went all out and won his first Tampa Pro. Heres the run that made it happen.

Trey Wood Wins Tampa Pro 2018 Concrete Bowl [7/3/2018]
Monster Energy issued a press release to congratulate team rider Trey Wood for taking first place at the Converse Concrete Jam bowl competition during the 24th Tampa Pro skateboard contest.

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