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NASS 2015 Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from the Park Pro, vert and skate shop battle contests at the NASS Festival.

Park Pro

1. Danny Leon
2. Kris Vile
3. Ewan Bower
4. Jak Tonge
5. Sam Pulley
6. Adam Keats
7. Alex Decuhna
8. Ivan Federico
9. John Howlett
10. Isaac Miller



1 Sam Beckett
2 Jesse Thomas
3 Matthew Carlisle
4 Alessandro Mazzara
5 Ivan Federico
6 Reiss Johnson
7 Jake Anderson
8 Jim Langran


1 Cory lawson
2 Rico Camargo
Finley Kirkby
4 Callum Waterton
5 Matthew Hooper
6 Mat Marlow
7 Kieran Waterton
8 Robert Ayton

Skateshop Battle

1. Skate Pharmacy (Sam Murgatrod, John Howlett)
2. Black Sheep Skate Store (Eddie Belvedere, Rob Smith)
3. Rollersnakes (Kelly Dawson, Ryan Price)

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