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Tampa Pro is an annual skateboard contest in Tampa, Florida.

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Tampa Pro 2015 Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from this years Tampa Pro contest.



1: Luan Oliveira
2: Nyjah Huston
3: Kelvin Hoefler
4: Trevor Colden
5: Chaz Ortiz
6: Felipe Gustavo
7: Shane O Neill
8: Youness Amrani
9: Cody McEntire
10: Chris Cole
11: Ishod Wair
12: Boo Johnson

Independent Best Trick:

1: Ryan Decenzo -Kickflip Late Shove It To Flat
2: Timmy Knuth - Gap to Kickflip Crook
3: Kelvin Hoefler - Gap to Kickflip Front Lipslide
4: Felipe Gustavo - Nollie Flip Crooks Half Cab Flip out
5: TJ Rogers - Switch Bigspin Frontside Tailslide 270 out

Transworld Over The Door Gap Best Trick:

1: Jake Welch - Air out to Gutter Ride
2: Tyler Coffman - Alley-Oop 5-0
3: Ben Raybourn - Backside 360 Judo
4: Chris Gregson - Kickflip Frontside Tailgrab
5: Jake Ilardi - Backside 540

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2012 Tampa Pro Best Trick - Mike Vallely VS. The Wall HD
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2012: Tampa Pro
Mike Vallely Tampa Pro Best Trick
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2012: Tampa Pro
Mike Vallely at the Tampa Pro finally landing a dope WallPlant.
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Tampa Pro Poster.

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tampa Pro 2010 Event Flyer.

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