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NORB NM is an annual national skateboard contest in Norway.

Also known as: Skateboard NM / NM Skateboarding / Skateboard NM / NM i Rullebrett / Rullebrett Norgesmesterskap / Norwegian Skateboard Championships

NORB NM 2013 Results and Footage
Here are the final results from the Norwegian Skateboard Championships in Oslo. The article will be updated as more stuff gets online.


Check out some highlights below, or go to the full collection of NORB NM 2013 videos.


Links to relevant pictures are included in each category below.

Junior Bowl


Mats Hatlem frontside tailslide.

NORB NM 2013 Junior Bowl Final Pictures
NORB NM 2013 Junior Bowl Qualification Pictures


1. Mats Hatlem
2. Heitor Da Silva
3. Martin Kvisla
4. Markus Wulff
5. Fredrik Heimdal

Gabbe Viking from Sweden made it to the finals, but since he is not Norwegian he didnt get a placement in the final results. He did however get a backpack full of stash and a week at the Flipside Camp.

The qualification for the junior bowl final was held on Thursday.
Junior Street


Heitor Da Silva 180 to disaster up the Jordal gap.

NORB NM 2013 Junior Street Final Pictures
NORB NM 2013 Junior Street Qualification Pictures


1. Heitor Da Silva
2. Martin Kvisla
3. Mats Hatlem
4. Oscar Hjellegjerde
5. Sondre Bratt Andl
6. Jonas Larsen
7. Fredrik Winsents
8. Markus Wulff
9. Markus Heimdal
10. Aleksander Hagen
11. Ask Filling
12. Lasse Amundsen
13. Daniel Pedersen
14. Karl Fredrik Frli
15. Tord Jonsson
16. Simen Hgeland

Due to rain on Saturday, the junior street semi-finals were held indoor at Arena Bekkestua. The following riders did not qualify for the finals.

17. Stian Oldren
18. Charlie Troxel
19. Sander Nodeland
20. Anders Waage
21. Fredrik Tangerud
22. Amund Jonsson
23. Fredrik Heimdal
24. Sivert veraas
25. Magnus Madsbu
26. Petter Brunvatne
27. Einar Brthen
28. Ruben Alexander Son
29. Jens Hovland
30. Erik Aleksander Lynghaug
31. Eliott Sandqvist
32. Bendik Trones

A series of events have served as qualification for the junior street championships. Below is a summary.The last qualification event was held on Thursday.

Girls Street


Tonje Pedersen nollie bispin on the pyramid.

NORB NM 2013 Girls Street Pictures


1. Tonje Pedersen
2. Anna Verpelstad
3. Turid Undhjem

Senior Bowl


(see vert section)


Karsten Kleppan backside air transfer into the bowl.

NORB NM 2013 Senior Bowl Qualification Pictures
NORB NM 2013 Senior Bowl Final Pictures


1. Karsten Kleppan
2. Fredrik Austb
3. Tom Erik Ryen
4. Gard Hvaara
5. Thomas Thorkildsen
6. William Wallentin
7. Antoman Ask
8. Bjarne Bergsaker
9. Jaran Jacobsen
10. Jon Harald Aspheim

Senior Street



Herman Stene switch nollie 50-50.

NORB NM 2013 Senior Street Final Pictures.


1. Herman Stene
2. Gard Hvaara
3. Eirik Svendsen
4. Sigurd Svsand
5. Henning Braaten
6. Tom Erik Ryen
7. Jan Henrik Kongstein
8. Karsten Kleppan
9. Steffen Austerheim
10. Erik Johnsen
11. Thomas Thorkildsen
12. Tobias Lien
13. Bjarne Tjtta
14. Eirik Ballo
15. Marcus Vik
16. Vi Duc Truong

Junior Vert (under 18)


William Wallentin Fakie Stalefish.

NORB NM 2013 Junior Vert Final Pictures.


1. William Wallentin
2. Thomas Thorkildsen
3. Antoman Ask
4. Thomas Elstad Hansen
5. Heitor Da Silva

Senior Vert



1. Espen Red / Mats Hatlem
3. Kyrre Riksen
4. Henry Calmeyer
5. Jim Ramos
6. Martin Haavde

Dickies Best Trick



1. Herman Stene Backside 360

DC Longest Ollie


1. Eirik Svendsen 4,82 meters

External Links!/video/66455/hoveddommer-mats-hatlem-13-skater-paa-et-enormt-hoeyt-nivaa

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