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Far n High is an annual European skateboard contest.

Also known as:

Far n High 2012 Results and Footage
Here are the results and footage from this years Far n High contest, held in France back in May.


Check out the official edit below, or go to the full collection of Far n High 2012 videos for more.


01 Tyson Bowerbank US
02 Karsten Kleppan NO
03 Kelvin Hoefler BR
04 Kilian Zehnder CH
05 Axel Cruysberghs BE
06 Maxim Habanec CZ
07 Ryo Sejiri JP
08 Nassim Guammaz NL
09 Aurelien Giraud FR
10 Matt Berger CA
11 Hermann Stene NO
12 Leonardo Spanghero BR

13 Woody Hoogendijk AT
14 Thaynan Costa PT
15 Gard Hvaara NO
16 Douwe Macare NL
17 Adrien Bulard FR
18 Benjamin Garcia FR
19 Joao Pedro BR
20 Didrik Galasso NO
21 Lukas Danek CZ
22 Scott Decenzo CA
23 Alexandre Massotti BR
24 Ruben Gamito ES

25 Joan Galceran PT
26 Simon Stricker CH
27 Tommy Fynn AU
28 Ruben Rodrigues PT
29 Jelle Maatman NL
30 Mihiel Guerhane FR
31 Phil Zwijsen BE
32 Jonathan Jean-Philippe FR
33 Braulio Sagas CM
34 Jorge Simoes PT
35 Sebastien Simon FR
36 Edouard Fontaine FR
37 Daryl Dominguez UK
38 Tim Zom NL
39 Sebo Walker US
40 Diego Fiorese BR
41 Martin Pek CZ
42 Yann Garin FR
43 Maxime Genin FR
44 Egor Gobulev RU
45 Pierre Delacrose FR
46 Julien Merour FR
47 Rodrigo Albuquerque PT
48 Robin Candau FR
49 Hassan Abaroudi FR
50 Pedro Roseiro PT
51 Tiago Lopes PT
52 Marek Zaprazny SK
53 Thomas Le clair FR
54 Madars Apse LV
55 Oscar Candon FR
56 Melvil Lopez FR
57 Jonathan Thijs BE
58 Robin Bolian FR
59 Joe Chaboud FR
60 Tomas Vintr CZ
61 Duarte Pombo PT
62 Fries Taillieu BE
63 Christophe Sampaio FR
64 David Melivier FR
65 William Seco BR
66 Manny Lopez UK
67 Raphael Alves PT
68 Arnaud Andr FR
69 Masataka Yamashiro JP
70 Mickael Germond FR
71 Alexandre Priol FR
72 Armand Vaucher FR
73 Jean Baylac FR
74 Bejamin Delaboulaye FR
75 Ivan Federico IT
76 Sven Kilchenmann CH
77 Fabio Sleiman BR
78 Thomas Nguyen FR
79 Tim Prozorov EE
80 Matt Dbauch FR
81 Andr Pereira PT
82 Robbin De Wit NL
83 Kevin Tshala BE
84 William Poinsaint FR
85 Daan Vanderlinden NL
86 Sebastiaan Vijverberg NL
87 Anthony Siguenza FR
88 Boris Simon FR
89 Francky Eyoum FR
90 Stanley Inacio BR
91 Jeau Courtioux FR
92 Simon Robineau FR
93 Martin Le clair FR
94 Jeremy Nguyen FR
95 Julien Czapski FR
96 Georges Poole UK
97 Gregory Lagast BE
98 Nicolas Charrier FR
99 Christian Plettner BE
100 Tomas Stejskal CZ
101 Nery Afonso PT
102 Belazdine Belkeira FR
103 Eder Rosa BR
104 Dylan Pedro
105 Guillaume Mocquin FR
106 Anthony Boudard FR
107 Menweg Bertrand FR
108 Jouimi Imad FR
109 Gervais Goprou FR
110 youri Laleg FR
111 Maxime Garnier FR
112 Samuel Partaix FR


01 Leticia Bufoni BR
02 Aura Bredart BE
03 Candy Jacobs AT
04 Emma Fastesson SE
05 Julia Bruckler AT
06 Kate Shengeliya RU
07 Anita Arvelo Almonte IT
08 Tonje Pedersen NO

09 Charlotte Hym FR
10 Heloise Wathelet BE
11 Lois Pendlebury UK
12 Sarah Meurle SE
13 Marie Dabbadie FR
14 Danielle Gallacher UK
15 Lisa Jacob FR
16 Marion Fernande FR
17 Emma Richardson UK
18 Evelien Bouilliart BE
19 Sophie Allen UK

Monster Best Trick on the Main Rail:

1. Didrik Galasso [Feeble Grind Flip Out]
1. Matt Berger [BS 180 Switch FS Crook]

DC Two Ways Trip:

1. Diego Fiorese [3-6 Flip Lipslide with Flip FS Nose Slide]

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