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Faelledparken Skatepark is a large outdoor skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Also known as: flledparken skatepark / Copenhagen Skatepark

Trick scooters linger at Flledparken
Seems there is still a problem with kids on trick scooters at Flledparken in spite of the ban.


Skateboarders and kids on trick scoters did not mix well in the new skatepark that opened last June in Copenhagen.

So guidelines were made, stating that the skatepark is to be used primarly for skateboarding, secondary for rollerskates and bmx, while trick scooters were banned from the park

But it seems not everyone has is aware of the ban, or seen have the signs that were put up in the par, and work is ongoing to inform the users and improve the signs. In addition a park for the trick scooters is being planned at Flledparken, so they have an area to go to.

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Vert In Poor Condition At Flledparken Skatepark [1/7/2017]
After only five years, the vert ramp at Flledparken is falling to pieces, but there are plans to renovate it this fall.

Rune Glifberg at Flledparken Skatepark [4/5/2017]
Rune cruises around his local park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Flledparken Skatepark Gets Vert Renovation [25/6/2016]
The vert ramp at Flledparken Skatepark is in poor condition, but the city has now decided it will be renovated before the end of 2016.


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2013: Flledparken Skatepark
Maria Lima at Copenhagen Skatepark, showing some awesome talent!
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2012: Flledparken Skatepark
Hechmann - 10 tricks i fllern from RamoiCamo
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2011: Flledparken Skatepark
Byggeriet af Flledparkens skatepark er udfrt af Hoffmann A/S. Anlggets buede betonkonstruktioner krver avanceret armering og forskalning og ikke mindst overfladebehandling af betonen. Hoffmann (entreprenr), Nordarch (arkitekt) og Grindline (specialrdgiver) str bag projektet. Projektet vandt Veidekke ASAs betonpris 2011.
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2013: Flledparken Skatepark: Show Picture
Vert Ramp at Flledparken Skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013: Flledparken Skatepark: Show Picture
Street area at Flledparken Skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013: Flledparken Skatepark: Show Picture
Street area at Flledparken Skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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