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Vans is an American based manufacturer of footwear.

Also known as: Vans Shoes

Vans Concrete Carnival 2011 Results and Footage
The Vans Concrete Carnival 2011 was held recently in the UK. Here are results and footage from the event.


Check out the full collection of clips from the link below.

  • Vans Concrete Carnival 2011 Videos


    Old Man Pool Jam:

    1: Sean Goff
    2: Jim The Skin
    3: Mark Munson
    4: Mike Day
    5: Eric Dressen


    1 Ben Raemers 365 (2,000)
    2 Rune Glifberg 356 (1,200)
    3 Jake Collins 338 (800)
    4 Alex Halford 337 (300)
    5 Greg Nowik 327 (200)
    6 Teabag 312 (100)
    7 Rob Smith 314
    8 Andy Scott 313
    9 Carl Wilson 310
    10 Manhead 299
    11 Socks 281
    12 Pete Dossett 280
    13 Chav Dan 306
    14 Joe Howard 293
    15 Nick Hansen 280
    16 Igor Fardin 279
    17 Daryl Nobbs 278
    18 Robin Bolian 278
    19 Chris Oliver 277
    20 Ben Nordberg 259
    21 Martino Cattaneo 255
    22 Ryan Price 249
    23 Dave Pegg 247
    24 Fabio Martin 246
    25 Salar 240
    26 Beanhead 230
    27 Ben Devine 223
    28 Arbel Samsonov 222
    29 Radman 218
    30 Rob Jones 200
    31 James Breeze 192
    32 Felix 181
    33 Jamie Farrell 120

    Over 16: (unsponsored)

    1: Chav Dan Hill
    2: Nick Hansen
    3: Rob Jones
    4: Luke Jarvis
    5: James Breeze
    6: James Haney
    7: Adam Collingburn
    8: Salar
    9: Socks
    10: Radio Brett Dye

    Unders 16:

    1: Robin Bolian
    2: Jesse Thomas
    3: Charile Birch
    4: Harry Phelps
    5: Kieren Brooks

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