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Camp Vierli Hotel is a skate hotel in Norway.

Also known as: Vierli Skatepark / Vierli Indoor Skatepark / Rauland Skatepark / Rauland Indoor Skatepark

Vierli To Build Skate Hotel
Norways first skate in/skate out hotel is being built at Vierli. Here is some information.


The new hotel will have an indoor skatepark with street and miniramp.

Both the indoor skatepark and the terrainpark at Vierli Skisenter will be ready for the official opening of Camp Vierli 18-20 November.

The 800 square meter outdoor skatepark right outside the hotel is set to open spring 2012.

The parks were designed with Henning Braaten, and is being built by Gunnar Lge. It was sponsored by Element Skateboards who plans to host events and camps there.

In addition to the skateparks the Hotel will have a mediaroom with Internett, tv and video games, a prep room for waxing your board, cafe and a shop.

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  • Skiinfo - Vierli bygger Norges, og verdens, frste skate-hotell

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