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Matix Deutsche Bag 2010 Tour Footage
After CPH Pro 2010, the Matix team made there way to Germany for a little tour. Here is some footage.


Check out the Matix Deutsche Bag Tour Video below, featuring Marty Murawski, Danny Brady, JB Gillet, Flo Mirtain, Ricardo Paterno, and Laif Draasch.

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  • Matix Clothing

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    Zack Wallin on Matix [1/9/2013]
    Matix Clothing has welcomed Zack Wallin to the team. Here is the clip.

    Matix Resigns Teams [15/9/2012]
    Matix has started re-signing their team members under Westlife Distribution. Here are the updates.

    The Podium Bankrupcy [13/8/2012]
    Here is some iformation about the bankrupcy at Podium Distribution, and who bought the DVS and Matix brands.


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    2013: Welcome Videos
    Matix Clothing welcomes Zack Wallin (full)
    Play This Video

    2012: Commercials
    A new clip from Mike Anderson in Dubai for his new Krooked X Matix clothing collection.
    Play This Video

    2011: Commercials
    Matix | Mike Anderson X Krooked Commercial
    Play This Video


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    2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    DVS/Matix Heartland Tour Event Flyer.

    2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Matix Purple Spain Event Flyer.

    2009: Jean TV Matix Ledge: Show Picture
    Marcus Vik kickflip down the stairs at Jean TV during the Matix Lord of the Ledge contest.

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    Toreay Pudwill with Nixon [16/11/2011]
    Nixon has announced the addition of pro skater Torey Pudwill to the Nixon team. Here is the press release.

    Oldboys Skateboard NM 2011 Results and Footage [9/10/2011]
    Here is our footage and the results from the Norwegian Old Boys Skateboard championships held at Voldslkka last month.

    Old Boys Street NM 2011 Schedule [10/9/2011]
    Here is the schedule for the second annual Norwegian skateboard championships for oldboys.

    Betongcupen 2011 Jonkoping Bowl Bash Recap [3/8/2011]
    Here are results and footage fro the 2011 Jonkoping Bowl Bash.

    Louvisenlund Opening [20/10/2010]
    The opening event for the new concrete skatepark in Larvik is being held this weekend. Here is some information.

    Rotterdam Grandprix of Skateboarding 2009 Results [23/7/2009]
    The Rotterdam Grandprix of Skateboarding was held last weekend. Here are the results from the event.

    Marcus Vik With Shit [9/7/2009]
    Shit Skateboard Company has added Markus Vik to their skateboarding team. Here is some information.

    Jonathan Arnestad With Lakai [20/5/2009]
    Lakai Footwear has added Jonathan Arnestad to their norwegian skateboarding team. Here is some information.

    Christmas Sales in Oslo [12/12/2008]
    The distributors are getting rid of this years sample products, so if you are in Oslo you could get a bargain on this years skate and snow presents. Here are the dates!

    Andreas Wiig on Matix Snow [18/3/2008]