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The Damn Am skateboarding events are the most well-known amateur skateboarding contests in the industry.

Also known as: Damn Am

AmsterDamn Am 2009 Riderslist
AmsterDamn Am 2009, returns to the Skatepark of Amsterdam on July 24th, 25th, and 26th and has a overall purse of 15,000 EU. Here is the riders list.


Rachid Addou - Holland
Bulard Adrien - France
Youness Amrani
Jimmy Be'er - Israel
Michael Beuhler - Texas
Antonio Boavida - Portugal
Guus Both - Netherlands
Axel Cruysberghs - Belgium
Florian Dalhuisen - Holland
Manuel de Jong
Jimmy De Kok
Daryl Dominguez - UK
Richi Dunkul - Latvia
Eniz Fazliov - Finland
Chima Ferguson - Sydney NSW
David Bow Hafsteinsson - Iceland
Tom Harrison - UK
Jan Hofer - Switzerland
Bas Janssen - Holland
Samu Karvonen - Finland
Tristan Koelewijn - Holland
Max Kruglov - Russia
Spencer Lau - FL
Louie Lopez - Hawthorne CA
Rob Maatman - Holland
Douwe Macare - Netherlands
Simo Makela - Finland
Peter Molek - Slovakia
Dylan Perry - Tampa FL
Denny Pham -Germany
Joao Pinto - Portugal
Jordan Price - FL
Ben Raemers - UK
Nuno Relogio - Portugal
Alexander Risvad - Denmark
Pete Ruikka - Finland
Larry Schmidt - Manasquan NJ
Remco Staak - Holland
Fredrik Stangeland - Norway
Simon Stricker - Switzerland
Fries Taillieu - Belgium
Jonathan Thijs - Belgium
Dallis Thompson
Hessel v/d Veer - Holland
Rene Villumsen - Denmark
Dan Wileman - South Africa
Mike Wright - UK
Marek Zaprazny - Slovakia

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