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Skatepark of Tampa is a world-famous skatepark in Tampa, Florida, USA.

Also known as: SPoT / Tampa Skatepark

Tampa AM 2008 Photage
The fifteenth annual Tampa Am was at the Skate Park of Tampa this month. Here are some videos and pictures from the contest.


Below are some videos from the event.

  • Tampa Am 08: Friday Qualifiers Video by Transworld
  • Tampa Am 08: Saturday Qualifiers Video by Transworld
  • Tampa Am 08 Finals Video by Transworld
  • Tampa Am 2008 Experience Day 1 by Redbull
  • Tampa Am 2008 Experience Day 2 by Redbull
  • Tampa AM Finals Highlight 2008 by Redbull


    Below are some photo sets from Transworld Skateboarding.

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    Below is a link for the results from the event.

  • Tampa AM 2008 Results

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    Tampa Am 2017 Concrete Jam Ride Footage [23/11/2017]
    The Converse Concrete Jam has become SPoTs most notorious tradition, never ceasing to wow and excite and shock and amaze. Think Hells Angels meets the demolition derby meets GG Allin live in concert, but on skateboards. The Jam has only two rules: Rip it up, and try not to die.

    Tampa Am 2017 Semi-Final Results [16/11/2017]
    Tampa Am 2017 semi final results.

    Tampa Am 2017 Dates [25/4/2017]
    This years Tampa Am is being held 9-12 November, 2017.


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    2012: Skatepark of Tampa
    6 Pack with David Gonzalez from Strange Notes
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    2012: Interviews
    Felipe Gustavo: SPoT 20 Year Experience - Episode 3 - Back in 2007, Felipe Gustavos father sold the family car for the money to get them to Tampa Am for the first time. Felipe nor his father could speak a lick of English, and Felipe was denied entry to the contest because he didnt sign up ahead of time. With persistence using his English translation dictionary for communication, we decided to let him in. Not only did he enter, but he earned the Golden Ticket in qualifiers and ended up winning Tampa Am that year. In this episode Felipe shares his journey and experience.
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    2012: Interviews
    Andrew Reynolds: SPoT "20" Year Experience - Episode 2 - Andrew Reynolds talks about the first time he came to SPoT when he was 15, growing up an hour away in a nearby Tampa town, meeting Jeff Lenoce here, and all the history hes experienced at Skatepark of Tampa leading up to today. Andrew won Tampa Pro two times in a row in 97 and 98. We all wondered why he skipped the following year. He breaks it down here for you.
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    2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Tampa Am Poster

    2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Tampa Am Poster

    2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Converse Convrete Jam Poster

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    Damn Am 2016 NYC Results and Footage [24/9/2016]
    Damn Am NYC, the sixth and final stop of the 2016 series, was hands down the best one yet, and included skaters from as far away as Uruguay, Australia, Thailand, and Brazil. And after the next level ripping in the Finals, the weekend wrapped with an Independent Best Trick contest for the ages.

    Street League Skateboarding 2016 [3/3/2016]
    Here are the dates for the 2016 Street League Skateboading season.

    Damn Am Award 2012 Results [13/1/2013]
    Here are the results from the 2012 Damn Am Awards.

    Free Flow Tour 2012 Skatepark of Tampa [13/7/2012]
    Here are results and footage from the Free Flow Tour stop at Skatepark of Tampa.

    The YouTube Ride Channel [17/1/2012]
    The Ride Channel is launching today on YouTube. Here is some information.

    Damn Am 2010 Events [11/3/2010]
    The annual Damn Am events are some of the best known amateur skateboarding contests. Here is this years schedule.

    Rotterdam Grandprix of Skateboarding 2009 Results [23/7/2009]
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    Damn Am Minneapolis 2009 Results [13/7/2009]
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    DC King of LA 2008 Photage [10/12/2008]
    In october Nick Merlino was crowned DCs King of LA, after their second annual un-sponsored AM contests in Los Angeles. Here is some photage from the event.

    Johnny Romano Skate Jam 2008 Results [16/11/2008]
    The 12th annual Texas Skate Jam For make-a-wish was renamed in Honor of Johnny Romano. Here are the results from the event that was held at the Southside Skatepark in Houston, Texas.

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