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Troms is a city in the county of Troms, Norway.

Also known as: Romsa in Sami

Skateboarding in Troms
The rain had taken a break, and we decided it was time to go out roaming the city, unload some excess money and check out the skate sights. Here is the tale from our visit to Troms this summer.

One day in Troms

After visiting Badlands and a selection of the stores and shopping malls we continued along the water toward Prostneset.

Skating downtown Troms is probably best after the shops have closed, so you dont have to worry about stuff like the raindeer blocking the bump outside Bokhuset Libris.

Bump and a raindeer at the Bokhuset Libris entrance.

In Samuel Anresens gate we found a curb with rusty metal edges that wouldnt grind. Another manual later we moved further down the street, where we found a seven step staircase at Havnebygningen, and a small bump outside the building of Skatt Nord in Kaigata.

Tommy Jrgensen backside grab on a bump in Kaigata, Troms

Getting hungry we started to make our way back home. On the way we passed the library, where some tilted beams were to tempting to resist. A couple trys in I managed to do a kickturn the narrow path, and overly confident that I had found the formula, I decided it was time for some more speed, wich of course sent me slamming into the asphalt below.

Tommy slamming at the library in Troms, Norway.

With blood having been spilt, and after a couple more tries, I decided to leave the library alone, and we went further down the street to get some pictures from city hall. Next we stopped by 50-50 Troms to check out the store, before making our way to the concrete skatepark built by a local artist, featuring some freaky rails.

Tommy Jrgensen pop shuv-it on the pyramid at Elevebakken Aktivitespark

After a pitstop at home, we got in the car to drive around a bit. We passed a skatepark at Sommerlyst Skole that didnt look to tempting, before going to check out the indoor skatepark at Flyahallen.

Tommy Jrgensen manual at Flyahallen Skatepark in Troms


Unfortunatly it started to rain again, and our plane left the next day, so we didnt get to visit any more spots. Below is a list of the spots we saw during our visit, and a few more we didnt get to visit. For the most complete and updated listing, check out our Map of Skatespots in Troms, Norway.


  • Flyhallen Skatepark
  • Elevebakken Aktivitetspark
  • Sommerlyst Skatepark


  • Bokhuset Libris
  • Samuel Arnesens gate
  • Skatt Nord
  • Havnebygningen
  • Brennbygget
  • Troms Tinghus
  • Teaterbygget
  • Troms Rdhus


    Below is a listing of the skateshops mentioned in the article.

  • Badlands Skateshop
  • 50-50 Troms

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    iTroms visited the official opening of Blmann Skatepark.

    Blmann Skatepark Official Opening [29/4/2017]
    The skatepark at Ersfjordeidet is being officially opened Saturday 17th June 2017.

    Blmann Skatepark Reaches Budget [9/7/2016]
    With the money from Troms Kommune, Blmann Skatepark has reached the budget to realise the skatepark in Ersfjordbotn.

    340.000 For Blmann Skatepark [20/6/2016]
    The city council in Troms has suggested giving 340.000 NKr for the skatepark in Ersfjordeid.

    Skatepark Enthusiast In Ersfjord [11/6/2016]
    Odd-Brge Lunde Hansen has been awarded enthusiast of the year in Ersfjord for his work to realise the skatepark.

    Blmann Skatepark Fundraising Continues [29/4/2016]
    The planned skatepark in Ersfjord is using Facebook, Vipps and mCash to raise the last money needed to start building the skatepark in June. If they do not reach their goal, the skatepark could be delayed until 2017.

    100.000 Kr For Blmann Skatepark [22/12/2015]
    Blmann Skatepark has received 100.000 kroner from Sparebankstiftelsen Nord-Norge, and Betongpark is designing it.

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    Skatepark Money For Ersfjordeidet [4/6/2014]
    IL Blmann has gotten 20.000 kr from Ishavskraftfondet to build a skatepark at Ersfjordeidet.

    Raindeer Stops Skatepark [5/12/2013]
    Troms Kommune has declined the skatepark application in Ersfjordbotn because the raindeer industry claims it will block their passage.

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