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Koigen Open is an annual skateboard contest in Hamar, Norway.

Also known as: Hamar Open / Nordic Open

Koigen Open 2008 Results and footage
Here are the complete results from the Koigen Open skateboard contest, mucho rabaldo challenge and mewe challenge, held at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar, Norway.


Full collection of Koigen 2008 videos.



01. Gustav Tnnesen
02. Erik Johnsen
03. Karsten Kleppan
04. Johakim Bjelland
05. Steffen Austerheim
06. Magnus Bonesmo
07. Rasmus Lundqvist
08. Petter Sydhagen
09. Henrik Lund
10. Jo Daniel Storengen
11. Christer Lillebo
12. Thomas Berget
13. Hvard Siem
14. Emil Lian
15. Marcus Shaw
16. Patrick Halln
17. Jrgen Wiig


01. Herman Stene
02. Gard Hvaara
03. Didrik Galasso
04. Magnus Bordewick
05. August Aalstad
06. Even Vatn
07. Kevin Bkkel
08. Robin Asserson
09. Kevin Sther
10. Markus Grongstad
11. August Engmark
12. Simen Halvorsen

Pepsi Max Mucho Rabaldo Challenge:

01. Herman Stene [kickflip]

Netcom Mewe Best Trick:

01. Herman Stene [kickflip late shuv-it]

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2011: Koigen Open
Koigen Open 2011 Bernhard Fitzinger
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2011: Koigen Open
Hamar - Koigen open! from
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2010: Koigen Open
Koigen Open 2010 - Finale from Playboard Magazine
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2017: Event Flyer: Show Picture
Koigen Open Program Poster.

2017: Event Flyer: Show Picture
Koigen Open Poster.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Koigen Open Poster.

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