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Episode: Skateline 09-01-2018 [10/1/2018]
Evan Smith, GX1000, T Funk, Jose Rojo Retires, P Spliff and more.

The Nine Club Episode 79 [10/1/2018]
This week Marc McKee discusses growing up in Marin County CA, going to art school at UCLA, meeting Steve Rocco, working for World Industries in the early 90s, creating classic board graphics, his involvement with Big Brother magazine, how he created Flameboy, Wet Willy and the Devil man graphics, World Industries being sold for 43 million dollars, cease and desist letters and much more..

Chris Rausch Game Brain Interview [10/1/2018]
Chris Rausch designed the first six instalments in the Tony Hawks Pro Skater franchise. Game Brain spoke with him about his work on the series, the disastrous release of Tony Hawk Ride, Shred and Pro Skater 5 as well as what he thinks about the rival Skate series.

Full Part: Andy Schrock 2017 YouTube Part [10/1/2018]
New full part from Andy Schrock.

Best of 2017: MACBALife x TWS [10/1/2018]
Look back on a busy year at Spains skateboarding Mecca. 2018 is gonna be hot! Book your airfare and have yourself a little taste of the MACBA Life!

Commercial: P-Rod Primitive x Paul Jackson Series [10/1/2018]
Paul Rodriguez for the Primitive x Paul Jackson Artist Series.

Norwegian Skate Team TV2 Interview [10/1/2018]
TV2 talked to Karsten Kleppan and Henning Braaten about the new Norwegian national skateboarding team.

Norwegian Skate Team FVN Interview [10/1/2018]
Fdrelandsvennen talked to Petter Brunvatne, Jonas Carlsson and Henning Braaten about the new Norwegian national skateboarding team.

Wants Schedule At New Carlos Paz Skatepark [10/1/2018]
Due to the accidents that were registered since the recent inauguration of the skatepark, the municipality has been asked to set a schedule.

Grou Gets Skatepark Funding [10/1/2018]
The province will make 35,000 euros available for a skate park in Grou, Netherland. The organizing foundation behind the skatepark expects that the construction can start next spring.

Paimpol To Get Skatepark [10/1/2018]
A new 120 000 skatepark is coming to Paimpol, France.

Moulins Gets Skatepark In 2019 [10/1/2018]
A skatepark is coming to Moulins, France, in 2019.

Skate Kid Killed By SUV [10/1/2018]
A 6 year old kid in West Palm Beach was riding on a skateboard about 5 feet from his parents when an SUV struck and killed him.

Best of 2017: Red Bull Skate Rewind [7/1/2018]
12 solid months of rocking all over the world wrapped up into one banging mega-edit courtesy of LAs skate-video surrealist, Marque Cox. What was your favourite moment?

X Games Returns To Oslo [7/1/2018]
Now in its third year, X Games Norway will bring Ski and Snowboard Big Air and Skateboard Street competitions back to downtown Oslo and to Fornebu in Brum May 16 20 in celebration of Norways constitution day on 17 May.

Lindern Skaters Forms Organisation [7/1/2018]
Lindern Skateboard is being started 14th Januar, 2018.

Norwegian Skate Team stlandsposten Interview [7/1/2018]
stlandsposten talked to Tonje Pedersen, Hermann Stene, Gard Hvaara, Henning Braaten and Kjetil Ostling about the new Norwegian national skateboard team.

Norwegian Skate Team Dagbladet Interview [7/1/2018]
Dagbladet talked to Henning Braaten and Karsten Kleppan about the new Norwegian national skateboard team.

Linda Vista Skatepark Drone Video [6/1/2018]
Here is some drone footage from the new Linda Vista Skatepark in San Diego.

Tour Footage: Indys Pedal To The Metal iPhone Edit [5/1/2018]
Rhinos behind-the-scenes footage really puts it in perspective how possessed by skateboarding this crew is. Get in the van and skate everything!

Tour Footage: Krooked in New York [5/1/2018]
Ring in the new year right with this Krooked NYC edit. If 2018 is anything like this video, its gonna F ing rule. Gonz is the GOAT!

The Norwegian National Skateboard Team [5/1/2018]
NORB has announced the first Norwegian national skateboard team.

Full Video: We Out Here [5/1/2018]
We Out Here is a new Norwegian skateboard video from Jens Ugland.

Full Video: Iron III [5/1/2018]
Here is the full Iron III video.

Leticia Bufoni Plan Welcome Video [5/1/2018]
Leticia Bufoni welcome video from Plan B Skateboards.

Rough Cut: Tom Schaar Lifeblood Part [5/1/2018]
Some dudes are just born to destroy transitions. Tom puts his wheels and bearings to work as he attacks all types of pits. Includes raw footage, second angles, and new tricks separate from his original Lifeproof part.

Best of 2017: Indys Year In Review [5/1/2018]
With all of the footage the Indy Team has put out this year, they decided to throw it all on a chopping block and give you the best of the best all in one edit.

Best Of 2017: TWS Year in Review 2017 [5/1/2018]
Heres a six-minute long montage of some of Transworlds favorite moments that made us want to jump up off our asses and hit the streets.

Best Of 2017: Bangin! [5/1/2018]
How do you cherry-pick the best tricks from 52 weeks of Bangins? Very carefully.

Cesa X League Jiangle Games Footage [5/1/2018]
Sean, Kenny, Stevie, Brophy and Vincent were recently in China getting ready for the Olypmics..

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