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To Much Noise To Use Skatepark [10/11/2017]
A different noise problem in Sandefjord, where students at Haukerd skole in Sandefjord are not allowed to use the skatepark during school hours, because of to much noise from the road.

Skateline 07-11-2017 [10/11/2017]
Jaws vs El Toro, Miles Silvas, Shane ONeill, Deedz vs Decenzo

Skatepark Delays In Mandal [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Mandal is delayed after Wheelscape called back all their workers due to lack of money to pay their salery. Landskapsentreprenren has been chosen to complete the project.

RIP Sykkylven Skatepark [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Sykkylven has been torn down without warning.

Bromsjordet Skatepark Gets 1.3 Million [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Horten is getting 1.3 million NOK from the municipality for upgrades.

Hjul I Skuret 2017 [10/11/2017]
This years christmas event at Skur 13 is being held Saturday, December 2, 2017.

Plan B Ferguson Park Edit [10/11/2017]
Plan B skaters visit Ferguson Park.

Sean Malto and Friends Skate Vermont [10/11/2017]
Mountain Dew pro skateboarders Sean Malto and Curren Caples visit the Green Mountain State of Vermont for the first time ever to skate some of the most epic spots in the state with fellow team riders and Vermont locals Jordan Maxham and Chris Colbourn. Check out cameo appearances from other notable action sports athletes including professional snowboarder and DEW athlete Danny Davis, and skateboarding brothers Marc, Andre and Tino Razo.

Creature Quickie Taylor Bingaman [10/11/2017]
Taylor gets in a Quickie at the Carmel Valley Skatepark.

Kyle Walker Volcom Signature Collection [9/11/2017]
Volcom is proud to announce the release of the Kyle Walker Signature Collection, a limited-edition capsule of apparel and accessories inspired by the streets and created by Kyle himself.

Creature Buzzkill Commercial [9/11/2017]
Darren Navarrettes Buzzkill Deck is available now!

Trash at Strandpromenaden Skatepark [9/11/2017]
Complaints about garbage at the skatepark made the local paper in Lillehammer.

Jake Hayes Thrasher Interview [9/11/2017]
Thrasher Magazine interview with Jake Hayes.

Skaters Lukewarm To Mandatory Helmet Use [9/11/2017]
The City of Grande Prairie is bringing a resolution later this month to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) convention in Calgary to require skateboarders and in-line skaters and those who push scooters under age 18 to wear helmets.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 2 Battle 10 [9/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 2. Battle 10. Diego Cano VS Pedro Attemborough.

Old Boys Skateboard NM 2017 Street Footage [9/11/2017]
Arne Jrgen Enggrav has made an edit from the street contest at the Norwegian old boys championships.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 2 Battle 9 [7/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 2. Battle 9. Titi Gormit VS Roger Silva.

Trailer: Comb [7/11/2017]
The Comb video is now available. Check out the second teaser.

Full Parts: Cody Jacobson in Small Change [7/11/2017]
Cody Jacobsons part from the Small Change video.

The Nine Club Episode 70 [7/11/2017]
This week Bam Margera discusses growing up in West Chester Pennsylvania, getting on Toy Machine, filming for Jump Off A Building, the CKY Landspeed video, MTV calling to create a show, making his first million dollars, his Element boards selling through the roof, getting paid for appearances at bars just to drink, spending a year in Barcelona skating and much more

King Of Macba 2017 Round 1 Battle 8 [7/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 1. Battle 8. Gustav Tonnesen VS Dani Jenks.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 1 Battle 7 [7/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 1. Battle 7. Marek Zaprazny VS Mikel Vidal.

Full Part: Kyle Stone in Small Change [7/11/2017]
Kyle Stones part in Blake Housengas Small Change video.

The Barbara Kruger Skatepark Installation [7/11/2017]
Axel Cruysberghs and Jiro hit the L.E.S. skatepark underneath the Manhattan Bridge to skate Barbara Krugers freshly installed Untitled (Skate) installation for the Performa 17 Biennial.

Hockey III Full Video [6/11/2017]
Here is the latest full video from Hockey Skateboards.

Old Boys Skateboard NM 2017 Results and Footage [6/11/2017]
Here are results and footage from this years Old Boys Skateboard NM.

USK stfold Trip 2017 Tour Footage [6/11/2017]
Ullensaker Skateboardklubb went on a trip to visit the skateparks in stfold.

Palestinian youth find outlet in new skate park [6/11/2017]
A British charity helped build a skatepark in the village of Jayyous, where Palestinian boys and girls can find escape from their sitation trough skateboarding.

Jan Henrik Kongstein Free Part+Interview [3/11/2017]
New Jan Henrik Kongstein full part and interview.

Badet Hst Jam 2017 Footage [3/11/2017]
Ullensaker Skateboardklubb has an edit from the fall jam in Eidsvoll.

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