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14 Million For Lillestrm Skatepark [16/12/2017]
The municipal council in Lillestrm allocates NOK 14 million to a new skatepark at Rdhusparken.

Work Started On Nordstrand Skatepark [16/12/2017]
The ground works for the new skatepark at Nordstrand has begun.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Riderslist [15/12/2017]
43 invited skaters from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA are coming to the All Terrain Ripper contest at Oslo Skatehall.

300.000 For Vision Skatepark [15/12/2017]
Vision Skatepark won 300.000 kroner from Lykkeskillingen.

Miniramp at Kristiansund Indoor Skatepark [15/12/2017]
The miniramp from Vgen Skatepark has been moved to Kristiansund Skatehall.

Skateline 12-12-2017 [15/12/2017]
Volcoms RV Rampage, Nate Greenwoods part, the Wayward wheels video and more in this episode of Skateline.

Red Bull Lists Nine Spots To Skate [15/12/2017]
Red Bull has made a list of 9 Global Spots You Must Skate.

Karl Watson Book and Vice Interview [13/12/2017]
Vice talked to Karl Watson about his new childrens book, My First Skateboard.

Tour Footage: Creature at Larb Fest 4 [10/12/2017]
Having a session before the gig is a standard ritual, but this time Creature turned it into a little mission from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, harvesting parks and spots in between gigs.

SOTY 2017: Surprising Foy Video [10/12/2017]
Whats better than Big Boy Foy? How about 15 Big Boy Foys?! The homies and the Phelper give our new SOTY the surprise of a lifetime. Congrats, Jamie!

B-Sides: Victor Aceves in Young Emericans [10/12/2017]
Along with Kader and Zach, Victor is part of the Emerican trio that has us feeling really good about the future of boarding. Not only comfortable on the hefty terrain, he looks proper doing it. The back Smith ender is so insanely psychotic.

Bryggeriet Street 2017 Results [10/12/2017]
Here are the results from this years Bryggeriet Street contest in Sweden.

Video Part: Daan Van Der Linden in Arson Dept [10/12/2017]
Daan Van Der Linden set new standards on classic San Francisco spots while filming for Spitfire Wheels latest release Arson Department. Backside tailslide on St. Marys will go down in the history books!

Video Part: Preston Harper in Comb [10/12/2017]
Preston is an underground skate god, traversing crusty back alleys in neighborhoods youll never skate. Were stoked to bring you another one of his killer video parts. Enjoy...

Tour Footage: Vans Russia and Vans UK in Russia [10/12/2017]
In summer 2017 Vans Russia hosted Vans UK ambasadors on locations of Moscow, Samara and Kazan. A good line up of all kinds of Russian spots mixed with skateboarding. A week-long Russian-British journey through 3 big Russian cities.

Jamie Foy Is Thrashers SOTY 2017 [10/12/2017]
Thrasher Magazine has announced that Jamie Foy is this years Skater of the Year.

Welcome Part: Salomon Cardenas on WKND [10/12/2017]
This part has all the first-rate production youd expect from a WKND video. It doesnt hurt that Salomon is one helluva skateboarder, seeking out the SoCal spots you dont see in every other vid. Welcome to the team, dude. Youre damn good.

Behind The Ad: Tiago Lemos for Independent Trucks [10/12/2017]
Behind the scenes footage highlighting Tiago Lemos advert featured in the January Issue of Thrasher Magazine.

Commercial: Jeff Lenoce Props Guest Bord [10/12/2017]
Jeff Lenoce Bangs Yall Over The Head with his new part for the Props guest board, Thrashin through the streets for pure FUN!

Interview: Meet the Flat Earthers [10/12/2017]
Foy, Pulizzi, Iqui, Webb, Lockwood and filmmaker Ty Evans discuss the ins and outs of one of this years most-anticipated videos.

adidas Skateboarding in Japan 2017 Tour Footage [8/12/2017]
adidas Skateboarding travels to Japan for RŌZU. Follow the global team as they explore the iconic urban setting in the Land of the Rising Sun from Toyko and beyond.

Full Part: Nate Greenwood Indy Raw Ams [8/12/2017]
Nate is a footy-stacking machine and this part came together in no time. Effortless lines, wild rail moves and more are just a click away.

B-Sides: Zach Allen in Young Emericans [8/12/2017]
Zach is a new-school talent with the style and attack from a throwback era. We love it. His B-Sides are raw as hell. Enjoy...

Suggests 15.000.000 For Bod Skatepark [8/12/2017]
The Chief Municipal Executive in Bod suggests using 15 million NOK for skateparks the next four years.

Bl Kors Takes Over Vision Skatepark [8/12/2017]
Bl Kors is taking over the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand, and invites to free skate this christmas.

Kristiansund Skatehall TK Feature [8/12/2017]
Tidens Krav has an article about the new indoor skatepark in Kristiansund.

Porsgrunn and Skien To Expand Skate Offer [8/12/2017]
Porsgrunn and Skien wants to expand the offer to skateboarders, after it became an olympic sport.

Zack Allen Thrasher Interview [8/12/2017]
Thrasher Magazine follows up Zach Allens Young Emericans part with an interview.

Marisa Dal Santo Jenkem Interview [8/12/2017]
Jenkem Mag catches up with Marisa Dal Santo.

Team Update: Juan Virues on Villains [8/12/2017]
If you dont know, Juan Virues is one of the freshest young rippers coming up in Spain. Check out this welcome to Villains part and see what all the buzz is about.

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