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Frozen skating in Finland [21/4/2018]
Roope Tonteri and Jaakko Ojanen skate mini ramp transitions on an spinning ice carousel.

Grossos Ramp Jam Footage [21/4/2018]
Massive air and wicked lip trickery as vert skatings finest break in Grossos new ramp!

Quartersnacks Cup 2018 Footage [21/4/2018]
2018 Quartersnacks Cup Presented by Nike SB.

Team Update: Jahmir Brown on Bones Bearings [21/4/2018]
Coming straight out of the streets of Philadelphia we welcome Jahmir Brown to the team.

Happy With New Mandal Skatepark [21/4/2018]
After almost 15 years, the new skatepark in Mandal is finally in place, and young skaters are very pleased with the result.

Aron Jaws Homoki Jenkem Interview [21/4/2018]
Jaws on Roofs, Raves, and Reefer.

Charlestown Skatepark Design [21/4/2018]
Work will begin this month to deliver a new Charlestown skate park.

Last Skaters Announced For X Games 2018 Oslo [21/4/2018]
Kevin Bkkel and Curren Caples have been announced for the two final slots of the X Games Oslo 2018 skateboard contest.

Video Part: Ace Pelkain Skate Juice 2 [20/4/2018]
Ace Pelka Skate Juice 2 Full Part.

Mandal Open 2018 [20/4/2018]
Mandal Riders invites to a contest in conjunction with the official opening of the new skatepark.

etnis Album Norwegian Premier [20/4/2018]
The latest video from etnies is preiering at John Dee in Oslo, Norway, on Saturday May 5th 2018.

X Games Oslo Skate Schedule [20/4/2018]
Here is the program for the skateboard events at X Games Oslo.

2018 SLS World Tour [20/4/2018]
SLS World Tour dates and locations

SLS Joins World Skate For Olympic Qualification [20/4/2018]
World Skate, the International Olympic Committee-recognised International Federation governing skateboarding, has launched a new tour in conjunction with Street League Skateboarding (SLS), the pre-eminent professional competitive skateboarding tour.

Mano A Mano 2018 Round 1 Collins vs Juneau [20/4/2018]
CJ Collins takes on Cory Juneau in the first round of Mano A Mano at Woodward West.

Mano A Mano 2018 Round 1 Fardell vs Bowerbank [20/4/2018]
Jack Fardell takes on Tyson Bowerbank in the first round of Mano A Mano at Woodward West.

Mano A Mano 2018 Round 1 Walker vs Schaar [20/4/2018]
Sebo Walker takes on Tom Schaar in the first round of Mano A Mano at Woodward West.

Tour Footage: Mud Sweatin Beers [20/4/2018]
Independent Trucks and NHS Inc: Seven dudes, ten hot-as-hell days in the South, 1,000 PBRs and seventeen gallons of perspirationNHS sent some soldiers into battle this summer and they came home victorious (and drenched). Looks like rails slide better when theyre dripping with sweat.

Video Part: Ryan Connors in Thaw and Order [20/4/2018]
Ryan Connors Thaw and Order Part.

Full Video: HUF 001 [20/4/2018]
HUF 001 is a new video featuring the entire HUF skate team.

Full Video: Thaw And Order [19/4/2018]
Thaw And Order from Pizza Skateboards.

Full Video: Old Earth Master Timeline [19/4/2018]
The old earth master timeline is all of the raw footage from all of the Instagram edits in one place.

Full Video: Small Potatoes [19/4/2018]
Small Potatoes, Prestige Skateshop Shop Video.

Fred Gall Bobshirt Interview [19/4/2018]
Freddy breaks it all down from LOVE Park, the Sub Zero video, skating while under the influence, his first time at the Brooklyn Banks, those classic Alien graphics, taking his mom to the Bahamas, destroying hotels, and so much more. Stay tuned to the very end for a surprise!

Full Video: 411VM Issue #1 [19/4/2018]
In celebration of April 11th (4/11), TWS put out the issue that started it all, 411VM #1.

Full Part: Sarah Meurle Poetic Collective Part [19/4/2018]
This new Sarah Meurle part not only showcases her talent on the board, but also her photos. She edited the part herself and has a board coming out this month on Poetic Collective.

Video Part: Crusty in Skate Juice 2 [19/4/2018]
Crusty from Simi Valley, CA makes his way down to San Diego County to make his debut in the Skate Juice Video Series.

Trailer: Breaking Bread [19/4/2018]
Breaking Bread Trailer

Simon Bannerot Mini Top 5 Interview [19/4/2018]
Crailtaps Mini Top 5 with Simon Bannerot: Simon gives us his Top 5 critters seen around the world.

Patrick Ryan 5 and 5 Interview [19/4/2018]
Patricks always bustin at a backyard barger, or local DIY, so Independent Trucks sat him down and picked his brain about Omar Hassan, Black Label, Lucero, and more! Take a trip into the mind of Patrick Ryan in this 5 & 5 installment.

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