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Drammen Gets New Skatepark [10/21/2016]
A new skatepark is being built by Betongpark at Drammen Park.

Oslo Indoor Skatepark Ready In January 2017 [10/21/2016]
The new indoor skatepark at Voldslkka in Oslo will be ready in January 2017.

Indery Gets New Skatepark [10/21/2016]
Betongpark has built a new bowl at Indery Ungdomsskole.

Langhus Skatepark Opening [10/21/2016]
A new skatepark is being officially opened in Langhus on Saturday 22. October 2016.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding S07E06 [10/21/2016]
After so much Love there has to be some Hate- its the duality of the ying yang (or something like that). In this installment of RANT Grosso takes on companies that make crappy skateboards (you know who you are), skate training facilities, skateboarding in the Olympics and of course tucking your knees on frontside airs.

Renovates Tangenrampen and Plans Skatepark [10/21/2016]
Renovation has started thanks to contributions and discounts, and the Tangen Ramps will be ready next spring. But the skaters in Nesodden also want a new outdoor skatepark.

Figgy Made 2 B-Sides [10/21/2016]
Its one of the gnarliest parts youll ever see, but the literally bone-crunching work that went into it is even more impressive. Figgy is SKATE AND DESTROY embodied.

Spanky Route One Interview [10/21/2016]
Route On talked to Kevin Long about his part in Made 2, returning to pro status, what the future holds and much, much more...

Glade Hjul 2016 [10/21/2016]
Skaters in Nesodden wants a new outdoor skatepark, and invites to a demo and meeting to rally support on Sunday 30th October 2016.

Brighton Zeuner Rolling Stone Interview [10/21/2016]
Rolling Stone talked to 12-Year-Old Brighton Zeuner on how she handles being a world champion skateboarder.

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