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La Ville Rose [8/27/2016]
This summer Lucas Puig invited his European adidas friends to his hometown Toulouse for some skateboarding and a good time.

Amadeus Mortensen in Barcelona [8/27/2016]
Here are a couple clips from Amandus Mortensens visit to Barcelona last year.

Brandon Biebel Signature Shoe Commercial [8/27/2016]
Diamond Footwear introduces Brandon Biebels signature shoe The All Day.

Phil Josephu on Kape [8/27/2016]
Kape Skateboards has welcomed Phil Josephu to the team.

Riley Hawk Free Lunch Interview [8/27/2016]
Riley Hawk sits down for a free lunch.

Steve Olson Juice Interview [8/27/2016]
Juice Magazine did a quick interview with Steve Olson on his birthday.

Lizzy Armanto Vice Interview [8/27/2016]
Vice caught up with Lizzy Armanto in Malmo to talk about the lack of diversity i skating, and the 2020 Olympics.

Elias Nilsen Skateboarder Interview [8/27/2016]
Skateboarder.no did a checkout with Elias Nilsen.

Sommer Invitational 2016 Jlba Footage [8/25/2016]
Here is Jrgen Johannessens edit from the Sommer Invitational contest in Oslo.

Stjrdal Skatepark Opening Footage [8/25/2016]
Theodor Haugen has made this video from the official opening of the skatepark in Stjrdal.

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