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USK Visits Oslo Skatehall [1/18/2017]
Edward Knai Nilsen made this edit from Ullensaker Skateboard Klubbs visit to the new indoor skatepark in Oslo.

Norwegian Skateboarders Could Miss The Olympics [1/18/2017]
Since NORB cant join NIF until 2019, they are looking to snowboarding and ice skating to let Norwegian skateboarders partisipate in the Olympic Games in 2020.

DGK Saved Full Video [1/18/2017]
DGKs newest video showcasing the squad that has been Saved by Skateboarding. All of the DGK team is featured in this video, as well as a whole mix of new faces to the DGK squad. The perfect video to spark up 2017.

Siggerud Gets Skatepark [1/18/2017]
The money is ready, and a new skatepark at Siggerud Skole is expected to open in April/May 2017.

Zac Coyne Candy Part [1/18/2017]
The curtain call in Candy, Mr. Zac Coyne. Great video, great soundtrack, we urge you to pick it up!

Zered Bassett Eastern Promise Part [1/18/2017]
Zered Bassetts next great part is here, from the East Coast with love.

Skateline 17-01-2017 [1/18/2017]
Luan Oliveira, Mark Suciu, Sean Pablo, Ronnie Sandoval, Jake Donnely Kickflip and more.

Austin Zito Youth Part [1/18/2017]
Austin Zito is always killing it. Heres his part and the intro from Sun Diegos new video Youth.

Heroin Magic Sticky Hand 2 Trailer [1/18/2017]
Magic Sticky Hand 2 will officially introduce Anaiah Lei, Logan Devlin and Zach Riley to the Heroin Skateboards team and Pat Franklin and Craig Questions Scott will also have full parts. This is the trailer for the video, that should be out before Summer 2017.

Money For OSF [1/18/2017]
Oslo Skateboardforening got 321.000 kroner to build a minirampland at Skur 13, buy equipment and teach.

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